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Nostradamus predicted this
0213 Harris Reagan
Midway resident Ted Harris poses with Michael Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan. - photo by Photo provided.

Dear Editor, 

Nostradamus predicted this time would come over 500 years ago. He said “The Devil would take over the most powerful country in the world.” 

His supporters love him and he can do no wrong in their eyes. He no longer has any credibility having told us over 20,000 lies in the last 3 1/2 years. What kind of human being doesn’t care about anything? We lost our place as world leaders and will never be held in such high esteem again.

In 2016, candidate Donald Trump told people a story of the old lady and the snake. Old lady took him in and nursed him back to health. 

She asked the snake “Why did you bite me?” The snake replied “Look lady you knew I was a snake when you took me in!” The sword of truth has two edges and both sides bleed.

We knew all about Donald Trump in 2016 his flawed personality, numerous failures, and shortcomings. He is still the same person only ten times worse because of his lack of judgment, character and leadership. 

He has brought our nation to its knees. We are a nation consumed by chaos and division with a daily dose of propaganda, tweets by the man himself. The world is weeping for our nation.   

Michael Flynn is a traitor ousted by Putin after our 2016 election .His man in the white house and the head of our national security, today he is acting as if he’s been mistreated. 

Trump’s first act as President was to invite the Russians to the White House and ban the American Media from attending. Russian President Putin chose the pictures and controlled the entire narrative from the people’s house, our house!

Russia is very active in this upcoming election in support of their candidate. As a Cold War veteran, I was shocked. The American people have grown accustomed to being shocked on a weekly basis since he has been President.

But it’s only this year with the upcoming election, that we have the opportunity to vote him out of office. It’s not about liberal or conservative, the rich or the poor, or the Republican and the Democrats; it’s about the survival of America as a Nation.

He threatens the health, safety, and welfare of our children with schools must reopen.  

He turns on his own people with the harshest words. People who never thought they would be in food lines, worried about evictions, and no hope of finding a job are going to vote this year.

Nostradamus said we the people must choose. America has always been a beacon of hope.” The Shining City on a Hill”.

 It’s every voter’s responsibility to vote this year regardless of whether you love or hate the President. This election year is about preserving America for future generation

Ted Harris


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