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Open letter to superintendent
Marcus Scott

Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe it’s my fault to expect a superintendent to exhibit excellence. Maybe it’s my fault to not only expect excellence, but to also require you to prove it. Maybe it’s my fault that you confused accountability with bullying. Maybe it’s my fault for thinking that having “F” schools for the first time in Liberty County School System history is not acceptable. Maybe it’s my fault that I do not sit quietly and approve a budget without knowing the line items like everyone else does. Maybe it’s my fault to expect to be informed about what is going on with our school system. Maybe it’s my fault because I refused to approve a transportation change for middle school students that will drastically affect parents just because the superintendent recommended it.

Maybe I expect too much when I ask for documents, and months later, I still have not received those documents. Maybe it’s my fault to think that a superintendent should not be allowed to work from home, if everyone else in the district has to clock in every day. Maybe when you tell me I’m breaking the law by having a town hall meeting to keep my constituents informed or requesting a conference call to ensure accountability of your evaluation, maybe I should just trust you and not check with the attorney. Maybe if I was a part of three different school systems that had Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accreditation problems, maybe I could get them to write what I needed them to write, too. Maybe I’m just too demanding.

Or maybe you are just making excuses. Or just maybe you should just do your job!

Scott is the District 5 representative on the Liberty County Board of Education. He sent this op-ed after the Coastal Courier published an article Sunday concerning allegations by School System Superintendent Dr. Valya Lee that Scott has been harassing her.

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