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I’ve seen businesses in one state have supported dangerous measures (measures that can and do take away funding from public services and disrupt other people’s quality of life) in other states. It just has to stop.
Since the Federal Elections Commission can’t be trusted to do their jobs, I’d suggest that every citizen organize boycotts against any business or corporation, large or small, whose owners support dangerous measures in any state in this country until they stop doing so.
I know we all remember what happened in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and just recently in Minneapolis because the money wasn’t there to strengthen New Orleans’ levees or Minneapolis’ I-35 W freeway bridge.
The worst thing is that people lost their lives in both instances because the local governments simply couldn’t pay for the necessary repairs. That’s how bad dangerous measures can be, so unless we boycott any business that supports dangerous measures they’ll just keep doing it at our great expense. Please, let’s all be wise and do the right thing.

Gretchen Sand
Kennewick, Wash.

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