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Underlining the ‘P’ in PSC
A significant meeting is scheduled for this morning in Atlanta. The principles involved are, or should be, important to every Georgian.
Public Service Commissioner Angela Elizabeth Speir has proposed a PSC policy prohibiting ex parte communications -- meaning a commissioner would be prohibited from discussing PSC business with a single party to a case without other parties and other commissioners, not to mention the public, being in on the issue.
Her proposal is to be discussed today, and is scheduled to be voted on next Tuesday, March 6.
Source: Columbus Ledger Enquirer

Tour de Georgia faces financial problems, $1M shortfall
The race is about $1 million short, according to state organizers. Major sponsors are still being sought and the race is 48 days away from beginning.
Organizers said they are close to making a decision of how to deal with the problem, and their options could include canceling the race altogether or trimming race costs if the money isn't forthcoming.
“I tend to be an optimistic, and I firmly believe that we will get the sponsorships needed,” said Craig Lesser, board member of the Georgia Partnership for Economic Development, which owns the Tour de Georgia. “You don’t just drop the race.”
Source: Macon Telegraph
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