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Perception of time is in eye of beholder
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It’s funny how the perception of time so easily plays tricks on our minds. One day the azaleas are just starting to bloom around town, a sure sign that spring is eminent, then next day you’re rushing to get your Christmas shopping list finished in time. One day you’re in complete disbelief that you might be pregnant, the next you’re tying up loose ends at work before taking maternity leave.
Yes, you read that correctly — I am preparing to go on maternity leave. My better and half and I are expecting our first child around the beginning of February, and I don’t think we could possibly be more excited. But I am baffled at how nine months can seem so short — and so long — all at the same time.
Which brings me to my time away from work. Since my due date is Feb. 4, my last planned day of work is Feb. 1, assuming of course that things, namely the baby, remain on schedule. At that time, Jeff Whitten, our former editor and current sports editor, will be taking over for me. Jeff has been with the Bryan County News for a long time, and I’m glad he’s able, not to mention willing, to step in and help out for a couple of months.
In my absence, Jeff will be on hand to take news tips, editorial submissions, community announcements, photos and whatever else you, our readers, might throw his way. And as always, our reporter Crissie Elrick will be available, as well.
There is no doubt in my mind that the next few weeks will likely go by much more slowly for Jeff than they will for me. Jeff has essentially agreed to pull double duty while I’m out, taking care of his usual responsibilities with sports in addition to my responsibilities with news. Meanwhile, I’ll be busy falling head over heels in love with my new baby. Those same few weeks that might seemingly go on forever for Jeff will undoubtedly fly by for me. And though I’m sure it will break my heart to see that precious time with my new family come to an end, I do look forward to my return to the Bryan County News.
But with all that said, time will likely move along at just the right pace for you — at least when it comes to your local news anyway. Aside from this column, you should barely notice a difference in the Bryan County News.
So here’s to time and however it may run its course in the weeks to come. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that delivery will go by as quickly as I think my leave will.

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