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Porsche rates praise for ignoring boycott
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It looks like Porsche has no problems with the new Georgia law that mandates that all companies with more than 10 employees use the free, federal E-Verify system to determine whether those people are in the country legally.
Porsche announced that it plans to build a $100 million complex on the site of the former Ford Motors plant in Hapeville near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It’s a huge coup for Georgia, not just because Porsche is one of the world’s most highly regarded automakers, but because the announcement comes at a time when the state’s economy is otherwise near-stagnant.
Opponents of HB 87, Georgia’s new law aimed at illegal immigrants, argued vociferously that the law’s E-Verify mandate would constitute a severe hardship on businesses. As it turned out, those businesses — primarily the chambers of commerce, the hospitality industry and agriculture — proved only that they have no qualms about taking jobs away from U.S. citizens and handing them to illegals, all so that the business can pocket a bigger profit.
Another effort to fight the new law came in recent days with word that Somos Republicans, an Arizona group that roughly translates to “We are Republicans,” is lobbying Porsche to bypass Georgia because of the new law. Somos, which purports to build support for Republican causes and candidates, openly is supportive of the DREAM amnesty act and against laws like Georgia’s.
“We urge Porsche to reconsider your choice of Georgia as the site of a new headquarters facility, as we don’t believe Georgia has provided an accurate picture of Georgia’s economy and the regression into a past era where Georgia experienced some of the worst bigotry in modern times,” said a letter from Somos to Porsche.
Replied Porsche flatly: “We are staying in Georgia.”
The new law goes into effect July 1 in Georgia, which has one of the largest populations of illegal aliens in the country. The law is meant to make the state a less inviting place for illegals by making it more difficult for them to find legal employment. If they then choose to “self-deport” to more hospitable climes, so be it.
Porsche is to be saluted for sticking to its guns in its decision to move to our state.

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