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Questions about BoE keep cropping up
Letter to the editor

Editor: My, oh my, it sure seems as if the dark storm clouds that have settled over the board of education are not soon to be blown out to sea.

Reporter Patty, aka BDL, Leon’s, relentless digging for the truth is continuing to bring questions to the minds of many Liberty County taxpayers.

Here are just a few of my most recent from BDL’s articles:

If the recently held tribunal, which cost untold thousands of dollars for attorneys/members, wasn’t necessary under a charter school system, why did the BoE Members vote to have it in the first place if it wasn’t required? Kabuki theater?

How long has LCCS been a charter school system? Is this perhaps something new the BoE members were not aware of and read up on?

If the BoE can vote to spend taxpayer dollars for an unnecessary tribunal, why didn’t they vote to save the taxpayers $190,000 for super Lee’s departing "gift" in a timely manner?

It was reported by BDL the BOE held the tribunal "under the advisement of attorney Hartley," gave away $190,000 "under the advisement of attorney Varnedoe," and "hired Reese under the advisement of super Lee."

Does the BOE need to do a little more homework and curtail some of the "advisement" so more money can be directed to the teachers and students of Liberty County?

Is it really easier to spend other people’s money?

If the last financial reports that are a part of the monthly BoE meetings were presented in June 2015, why weren’t chair Baker and the BoE members raising concerns in July or August 2015? Is this a failure of their duties as elected officials?

BDL reported super Lee "started becoming concerned about Reese in September, is that 2015 or 2016? If 2016, what took so long? If 2015 why not act earlier?

Mr. Reese came here in 2014 and allegedly took an $11,000 unreported pay increase.

Super Lee, who came here in 2013, took a $20,000 pay raise in 2014 contrary to the three-year contract signed a year earlier. Only after someone snitched was there an attempt to justify it as "a salary adjustment."

Was this attempt to apply the "What’s good for the goose is good for the gander" mantra?

Is it of any importance that before coming to LCSS, super Lee was the interim super in Clayton County and Mr. Reese was the CFO, who was terminated by super Lee during her tenure?

According to "an internal audit" and "an independent financial auditor" there are discrepancies somewhere between $1,000,000 and $79,000,000, and if that’s as close as two different folks who work with numbers can get, wasn’t Mr. Scott right on target to ask for a forensic audit?

Is this a mirror image of the Bernie Madoff accounting method or just some stubby pencil with a big eraser fixes?

Why do chair Baker and the opposing BoE members think it not appropriate to call in the GBI, FBI, and every other judicial agency with an "I" in its name to just check and make sure us folks aren’t getting bilked? "Bernie’s contributors" wish they had.

Is there something they know that we should or is this ostrich-like reasoning?

Now that Mr. Reese has officially filed paper with the court, I’m figuring I have to renew my yearly subscription just to see how this plays out.

Bruce A. McCartney

Trade Hill Community

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