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Questions about voter fraud
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor:

The following is inquiry I made to Candidate Jeanne Seaver:

One of the issues I would have brought up had I been in attendance has to deal with the last election;  can you please advise.

Project Veritas had video confession by 2 individuals in Atlanta admitting to letting folks use their addresses for the purpose of voting.  Multiple thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of folks who may be illegal, green card holders, out of state residents, felons, underage, etc.

The number of folks using these two addresses could well exceed the number of homeless reported in the area.

Question?  Have there been prosecutions of these two people (organizations) who effectively acted to disenfranchise my vote.  If not will there be?  If not why not?

The response she received below.  Since then, deafening silence coming from Atlanta.

Makes this Veteran wonder if there really is a Frances Watson?  If so, did she receive the inquiry from Archie Glenn, and why has there been no response?  Did Frances respond to Archie and Archie just disregarded forwarding traffic?  Do Archie and/or Frances take an oath or sign an employment declaration to uphold the laws of the State of Georgia?  Was what millions of viewers saw in the Project Veritas expose’ contrary to Georgia election laws?  If so, is there a case being brought against the offenders, if not why not?  Of the thousands of illegal registrations admitted to, how many of those people voted?  

On behalf of Veterans Ga wide who may have been disenfranchised, we as a minimum deserve the courtesy of a response, not deafening silence.


Bruce A. McCartney, SFC, USA (ret – Ch61)

RVN 7/68 – 7/72


Combat Medic

Midway, GA

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