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Reader questions recent elections
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

I am questioning the recent election and the upcoming run-off elections in Liberty County. During my experience at my polling place several procedures seemed incorrect. Several people were present that I have never seen in the past several years of voting. Also the procedure did not go very smoothly. 

First, the past procedure of reviewing my ID , choosing the party I was to vote for and signing the form were not performed at the same table - as in the past.

Then I was directed to a certain machine when all but one other voting machine were not in use. When I questioned this, I was informed by an individual that, I have never seen before at any other election/voting procedure that I have performed in the past, about maybe this being a new procedure. 

When I ask her name she replied, “my name has nothing to do with you or your vote and to either use the appointed voting machine or to leave and return later.”

I used the “appointed” machine. When I ask for help she then removed the card I had been given and re-inserted another card. She seemed quite rude. This erased my previous selections. When my vote “paper” printed it was damaged. So once again I had to start over. When I questioned the work ability of this particular voting machine and asked if I may use one of the now completely deserted other voting machines, I was informed to continue to use this voting machine. This time the vote “paper” emerged undamaged at which time another individual took the vote “paper” to another table. I was instructed to follow him. I have never seen this individual present at my polling place previously either. He inserted my vote paper [into yet another machine] incorrectly and had to re-insert my vote “paper” in this machine once again. When I asked his name he did not respond. He turned around and walked off. I then had to retrieve my ID from yet another table. [with people that have always been present in my past election/voting procedures]. As I was leaving the building I also noticed no law enforcement officer present inside or outside the voting area - as in all my previous election/voting cycles. This all seemed very strange compared to my previous experiences. Now with all the other voting irregularities in other Georgia counties - I am questioning if my vote even counted or will my next vote in upcoming election/voting cycle [run-off]] count ? Who are all these new people?

Do they work for Liberty County elections board or are they outside contractors? I am only asking what I find to be honest questions and is this the way all of the next election/voting cycles will be performed?

I am not asking for trouble and I wonder how many other Liberty County citizens were treated this way. Did their votes get properly counted and will there future votes be properly counted? Were the votes and/or ballots handled with the proper chain of custody?

Gary Sutton

Concerned County resident

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