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In response to a previous letter
Letter to the Editor generic


In response to Mr Rafe Semmes.

  First, I don’t believe I personally know Mr Rafe Semmes.  That being said, being an outlier of the mini-metropolis of Midway, chances are I’ve greeted Mr Rafe with a “good morning sir’ or “good afternoon sir” a time or two or more over the last two decades we’ve been here either in the IGA, post office, or pharmacy.  I do that a lot with folks I know and folks I don’t as it gives me a warm fuzzy inside.

  Unlike Mr Rafe who is glad to see the Sound Off section meet its demise, it saddens me that another avenue of our 1st Amendment has been closed. 

The rationale he used is as strong as any rock, “that was not conducive to respectful discourse. We need less yelling in public conversations and more respectful listening and other points of view.”

 Yessir, rock solid.

  BOOM.  Mr Rafe caught me by surprise with his continued and closing discourse, speaking of our President along with me and his other supporters (which happens to be 3,084 out of 3,141 US counties who voted for President Trump) going on, “in all things-as not only unacceptable but also counter-productive…Both of you have much to answer for…”.

Seems to me as if in the middle of his letter the age-old Spanish idiom the “pot is calling the kettle black” overtook his thoughts.

  Mr Rafe, I’d love to have a respectful discourse with you anytime.  Just come on over, we’ll pop the cap on a couple of our favorite cold beverages, sit under the tree and have a good respectful conversation. 

If I must answer up, that I shall, that I shall.

Good afternoon Sir.

Bruce A McCartney

Trade Hill Community

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