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Riceboro pending raises deserve reaction
Letters to the Editor

Editor, I saw the following quote on Facebook recently: “I tried to keep silent but my ancestors won’t let me.”
After reading the Courier article on the pay increases voted on for the Riceboro mayor, mayor pro tem and city council beginning next year, and the rationale proffered by Mayor William Austin, I have two observations:
1) I’ve done the math, and the salary increases total $4,250 a month, or $51,000 a year. It seems to me that a well-qualified city administrator could be hired for that salary. (I’d take the job for that kind of money.)
2) Alternatively, we need to vote in a new slate of officials for the city of Riceboro. Otherwise, it would be tantamount to voting yourself more than a 100-percent pay raise.

Minister Gloria Brown

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