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Sec. of State Kemp has failed voters
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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

Dear editor:

As secretary of state, Brian Kemp has four main duties, most importantly as the direction of the election process in Georgia. He’s had this job for eight years, with everything in his favor. Republicans have solid control of the house, senate, and governor’s office, therefore any changes he wanted to make should have been fairly easy. By now we should be using updated voting equipment with printout verification, voter roll data should be safe from hacking, and everyone who meets basic requirements should be able to easily cast their ballot. 

Sadly, after nearly eight years none of this is true. We are still using outdated equipment with no means of verification, all our voter records (6.2 million) were compromised and Kemp refused to make public the investigation results, and instead of making it easier, his only “accomplishment” was to make it harder to vote. 

Of course, that is now the goal of all red states. Targeted voter repression is one of Republicans’ main weapons for winning, especially in areas where races might be close. Just keeping a few people that normally vote democratic away from the ballot box can make the difference. 

With today’s laser-focused demographic breakdowns, it’s easy to target concentrations of blacks, Hispanics, etc., to work this magic. 

Changing the rules to take people off the voter roll if they just fail to vote in two consecutive elections is at the top of the list. If you didn’t drive your car for two years, they wouldn’t come for your driver’s license, so why take your right to vote away just because you didn’t opt to vote regularly.

With this dismal record as secretary of state, what makes anyone think Brian Kemp is qualified to handle the much tougher job of governor? 

Ken Copi


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