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Sheriff explains new payroll process
Sheriff Steve C Sikes 1 crop
Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes

Editor’s note: Sheriff Steve Sikes reached out to the Courier with the following explanation after an anonymous caller phoned in comments to Sound Off, criticizing the county for making changes to its payroll process.

Dear editor,

The Finance Department, at the Liberty County Board of Commissions recently decided to make a simple change in the pay periods for all county employees.This change was necessary in order to allow the Finance Department ample time to prepare payroll records and have them delivered to the bank in time for paychecks to be processed and delivered to the employees by pay day.

Liberty County Administrator Joey Brown and his staff at the Board of Commissioners office put much thought and effort into making this process as seamless as possible. All department heads were invited to a briefing at which time it was explained in detail. A follow-up meeting was held, and then an email was delivered to all employees of the Sheriff’s Office.

Regrettably, not everyone understands the process as it was explained. I can assure you though, that every single regularly scheduled hour of work that has been performed, has been paid for. The cut-off day for one pay period was moved back, which resulted in a ‘’short” week. But the next pay period began immediately with no loss of pay for work performed. 

Additionally, the Board of Commissioners authorized all employees who were carrying sufficient leave on the books to “cash in” up to twenty four (24) hours of leave in order to augment the “short week,” resulting in a normal pay check for the shortened pay period.

Again, no employees lost any pay. No one worked any regularly scheduled hours without being paid. Any statements, complaints, or comments to the contrary are simply not true. 

I appreciate the manner in which the Commissioners and Mr. Brown and his staff handled this transition. Their understanding and empathy for the employees of Liberty County is to be commended. 

Steve C. Sikes

Sheriff, Liberty County

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