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So long, Hinesville its been fun
Life in Liberty
1014 McKenna family
The McKenna family Josh, Joselynn and Anastasia soon will embark on the next leg of their journey in the Midwest. - photo by Photo provided.

Three years ago, I walked into the Coastal Courier office begging for whatever writing gig they could give a 19-year-old girl who followed her new husband across the country after he joined the Army. I walked out with a military spouse column — far more than I ever could have expected.

Since then, I’ve written around 150 columns and been through some of the best and worst times of my life, from my husband’s year-long deployment to Iraq to the birth of our beautiful daughter a year after his return. My family’s time in Georgia has been an amazing adventure. I found a place I could call home and people I could call family here — people who have supported and loved us no matter what life dished out.

I’ve learned so much from other military spouses, from veterans and from good, friendly Southern people willing to invite a northerner like myself into their homes and forgive me for not always remembering my sirs and ma’ams.

I say all that to say this: These past three years have been a rollercoaster — fun and terrifying and a ride I’ll never forget — and saying goodbye to all the wonderful people I’ve met here and this beautiful place I’ve come to love so much is so hard.

As our family heads back to the Midwest — at least for now — where we feel God is leading us so that my husband can pursue a graduate-school degree, we’ll do our best to remember all the important lessons we learned here in the South: the importance of God above everything, the dedication to family, the love of friends, caring for the community and how to make some really, really good sweet tea.

I’m so honored to have had this incredible opportunity, and thank you all so much for your unwavering support. See you around.

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