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Sound off Dec. 11

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may anonymously submit a comment online at or by phone by calling 876-3733.

The Republican Party is changing their name to United Russia Republican Party.

We have a new crisis alert badge that we are learning to work at the end of the semester, both high school Principals earned the highest grad rate in decades but were both removed. We are losing really good teachers to neighboring counties, expelled kids are being pushed back into schools at the middle of the year, most of our new teachers are struggling with new initiatives and Dr. Perry and his Deputy Dawg have effectively pushed down our CCRPI. Someone please pray that one day I will be allowed to teach and use the 60 days in the summer to get acclimated to new initiatives. Amen.

Leave it up to the Coastal Courier to continue to be the liaison between disgruntled school employees and actual professional conduct/protocol. However, in the Courier’s defense, such things would not be printed if professionals conducted themselves as professionals and handled things accordingly. It’s very difficult to take any concerns seriously when such concerns are aired so passive aggressively under the veil of anonymity. Funny thing, though?  Each school knows who their “sound off bandit” is. Every school has one. Sadly.

How many people in Hinesville are going to lose their Food Stamps? And which party the Democrats or Republicans had this wicked idea to take away some peoples’ food stamps? Don’t we have enough people living out of dumpsters to feed their families and themselves? And we have people using credit cards to put food on the table then having to file for bankruptcy. Living out of dumpsters and eating food that comes out of dumpsters causes a health problem for everyone. Have we become a third world country? I already see this happening at the dumpsters in the Joyner Road area.

Why are the fifth grade teachers at LHE bullying our children! My child has come home many times telling me that the teachers are bullying not only him but other kids!! The principal better do something about it before I head to the board! Shame on all of you for doing this to children!

Dear BOE, PLEASE help me and my school. I’m a new teacher in the district and I can see why so many schools lost CCRPI points. I log into 6 different platforms just to complete my required activities. I was trained on and mastered emergency procedures and now there is a new alert system half way through the year. I watched a 10 minute video after practicing and mastering the old safety procedure for months. I’m told that I may receive several kids with severe discipline problems back for the 2nd semester that were expelled. I’m forced to watch a Monday Motivation that has poor sound quality and I’m nervous about splitting GMAS testing between spring break.  I’ll stop there. This is clearly a BOE issue where so much is being dumped on me that delivering high quality instruction is impossible. I love my school but I won’t continue like this. Let’s use the summer to implement new procedures and let’s not interrupt a great first semester by emptying out the alternative program just before GMAS testing.

Liberty County School System is falling apart. Good teachers are quitting. Behavior is getting out of hand. Principals don’t have the balls anymore. Letting students do whatever they want to do. Superintendent and deputy making all this money doing nothing for our children.

Hang in there, Liberty County Schools staff, students, and parents! Break is right around the corner!  Staff:  Be prepared, engage in new ways, and be firm, but kind and supportive.  Your attitude sets the tone. Students: Stay focused, respect your peers, staff, and yourself! You are responsible for your choices and actions, so choose good things!  We believe in you!  Parents: Be involved and active, check those book bags, and know what’s going on at school. Your child AND his/her teachers need your support. Set a good example. Good things are happening in LCSD. Keep up the good work!

This is a question for all the lawyers in Hinesville. If I get a bill in the mail that was delivered after the due date shouldn’t the post office in Hinesville be responsible for paying the late fee? And the same should apply when the post office is too lazy to deliver your mail (bill) and throws it in the trash. For all this is why the post offices are going broke. They are turning people to pay their bills online with online statements. And have you noticed around Christmas time that your mail is delivered later and later? Like the mail used to be delivered around noon and now it is 5 PM before they deliver the mail. Why don’t they hire more people around Christmas time?

I am glad that Walthourville has all of the corrupt people in city hall together, including the lawyers.

Dr. Perry please replace Liberty County High School varsity head basketball coach. Plus he not a good math teacher. My son says he’s horrible.

To all the women of color celebrating that Mr. Howard got off think about this. The fact that he doesn’t have to answer for the abuse of women is a disrespect to all women and mostly women of color. Why? Crimes against us have never been taken serious. He may have sexually abused someone’s daughter, mother, girlfriend, wife and etc. Wake up. He is not fit to represent this city or provide oversight to workplace violations against women.

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