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Sound off Jan. 15
Sound Off
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When are they going to stock Lake Joyner Road with Fish?

For Iran says they shot down a Passenger Jet with a Surface to Air Missile by mistake. I would say this is a big lie or their ADA Missile systems are outdated 1940 technology. For I worked on a Nike Hurcules Missile Radar site which was ADA and we had safe guards to keep us from downing commercial Passenger Jets. Its called the IFF system. Plus you can tell the difference on the radar scope if its a commercial aircraft by the blips. Attack aircraft blips are fast and Passenger Aircraft blips are slower. And Prop aircraft are real slow blips. I hate to see what type ICBMS they have if their ADA system has holes in it.

What is up with all these sound off messages starting their sentences with “For.”

For it sounds so weird.

Trump was eager to send firefighters to Siberia to help with their fire. Yet he says nothing about helping Australia.  I guess he who helps dictators!

In 2016 Trump said He would eliminate the federal debit in 8 years. In  2019 he increased the annual federal deficit by 77%.

I don’t think these Civilian Doctors know what the BP Meds Clonidine and Hydralazine can do to a person with high blood pressure . For it does lower the blood pressure but also puts the heart rate into the lower 40s. And upon further research in the Pill Book both can cause a Heart Attack . For this is the way my father died of a Heart Attack. For Military Doctors spend more time with their Patients and would not do this. They are better trained because the Academy Of Heath Science at Fort Sam keeps the Military Medical people up to date and have very good Correstpondance Courses.

Fish wrap guy here.  For who starts their sound offs with the word “FOR”? I know who. He’s a nut who I served with while stationed on Ft. Stewart. He was a weirdo then and now your fish wrap is printing all his ridiculous sound offs with such topics as nuclear attacks, potassium in food, blood pressure readings, top secret clearances for members in congress and closing the post office on Saturday’s.  Are you serious? Surely your staff at the coastalfishwrap can do a better job of screening this nonsense.  Patty, are you leaving us?

For what ever happened to giving our enemy’s  our Rank Name and Service Number? For last week I think it was you had an article on Fort Stewart having the most Active Duty Military. For you just made a target out of Liberty County and Fort Stewart for our enemy’s. Who ever gave out the information must have gotten it from our Democratic Congress. Next thing they will probably give out is information on the 3rd ID weapons and how many which should have a secret cover sheet. And what about On post telephone books that are For Official use only.

 How much more Top Secret and Secret information are the Democrats going to release to the public who don’t have a need to know. Its bad enough they are trying to take over the White House by impeachment of President Trump. I surprised if the Democratic Congress cant get rid of him with impeachment that they don’t hire a hit man like in other country’s. For we don’t need a Democratic Congress or President.

Has FPCA had a black board member ever? No never ever.

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