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Sound off for Jan. 2, 2019

“That person that keeps calling this newspaper ‘fishwrap’ is hilarious to me.  Someone who hates this paper so much sure does spend a lot of time with it.  Go out to your community and make some change rather than complaining to this so-called ‘fishwrap.’ Also, what’s wrong with being fish wrap? That is just recycling.  What are you supposed to do after you read the paper?  Using it as fishwrap is better than just throwing it away.”

“No more Marcus Scott!!!! YES YES!!!”

“Frank Long Elementary School Christmas Chorus Concert was very disappointed.  Only one Christmas song. Hopefully next year it will be better.” 

“Well someone has a lot of time on their hands Walthourville running up court costs. If you feel you can do a better job as Mayor then run and let the people decide. For they live there and know the area.”

“Why is it that a business can run smoothly and merrily along with 99 percent of the staff while it only takes one “management” to mess it all up and ruin it for everyone?”

“I really wish the news media would use the right word. Instead of collusion they should use conspiracy and it is time to indict.”

“Why didn’t the post office pay the employees at the Ludowici Post Office? It is the last check they could receive before Christmas.”

“The Chick-Fil-A needs to stay closed on Sundays. This is their policy. Please stop asking them to open and respect their wishes.”

“Why is the county charging me a fee to use their fire service, but more often than not, it isn’t the county responding? I live in Gum Branch, but Walthourville is who shows up around here. What kind of scam is the County running?”

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