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Sound off Jan. 22
Sound Off
These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may anonymously submit a comment online at or by phone by calling 876-3733.

What country has the most over weight people? The United States. Why is this? One reason is that our government does not put a big Tax on Junk food like they do Cigarettes and Alcohol which create health Problems. And the Government should not tax healthy food like Fruits and Vegetables. We need to educate People on what is healthy to eat and on Exercise. This education should start in Grammar School starting at 1st grade level all the way thru High School its called Health Science. And Physical Education should be mandatory starting at the 2nd grade all the way thru High School. This is a start to keeping you healthy and lower medical cost. For my grandfather had a lot of strokes and heart problems that finally killed him for his Sodium and Sugar intake must have been great. For I remember when we visited him he always had a counter full of junk food goodies. and the refrigerator was full of Junk food. Not very much in the way of fruits and vegetables. 

Why do people say “on a daily basis” when they mean “daily?”

In all these proliferating Special Local Option Sales Taxes in Liberty County the word special should be replaced by the word routine. Routine normal operations of government seem to now require funding that is called special. When one “special” levy expires another one is sold to the voters. If we want a modern school system, that is “special.” It will require “special” funding if we ever get an adequate network of streets and highways.

And there’s lots of special stuff for the powers that be and their lackeys. School board palace: special. Hinesville City Hall: special. Justice Center: special. Airport for all of us who own planes: special. Liberty County would be better served by the reasonable, the normal, and the ordinary rather than so much that is so special.

This is Sharon again! One last thing for this week. Is the Fish Wrap man still a Republican seeing how he go’s along with the Democratic Obama Health Care. Which is costing all these HealthCare Insurers and Medicare a lot of money. For they don’t check up  in  Doctors or Health care Providers who want a lot of money for poor health care that cause’s  Patients to end up in Emergency Rooms and Hospitals costing more money. That’s why I give out information on poor Medical Care. Especially after working in Military Medical Care for 15 years.

This is Sharon again! For the males who are gripping in the Sound Off about my Medical items on what a Nuclear War Could do to humans. I got this information from my US Army Special Forces Medical Book ST31-91B. You will find what I put in the Sound Off in Chapter 14 Nuclear and Biological and Chemical Starting on Page 369. Other Medical Items I put in the sound off are from books I got as a Resident Student at the Academy Of Health Science at Fort Sam Texas. Other books that helped were from the Merck Medical Books and The Calorie King Books and other Medical Books I own. For you men need to start reading more you will live longer. For the females at the Coastal Courier do a great job. One Suggestion that you start a Medical Section in your paper from a qualified Medical Person.

:: Tax commissioner, Virgil Jones, is selling citizens’ property at the courthouse because they owe back taxes. Why hasn’t he sold his sister’s (Karen Jemison’s) property? According to his office’s website, his sister allegedly owes delinquent taxes in the amount of $12,829 dating back to 2004. Our state representative, Al Williams, allegedly owes back taxes in the amount of almost $7,600 (dating back to 2012) on the property where he has claimed residency for years. His property hasn’t been sold either. From how many more friends and relatives is the tax commissioner not collecting property taxes? Is this why our property taxes keep going up every year and why Liberty County’s is among the highest in the state? The tax commissioner should be held accountable, whether legally or at election time.

:: How come there has not been anything in your paper about the Mail stealing investigation that has been going on since Nov 2019 in the Live Oak Road and Joyner Road area. For the Feds have had Survailance Cameras set up and have tapes of people stealing mail. And they have started giving out Federal Warrants on the people on the tapes who were stealing the mail. If you live in the areas mentioned and you know you are missing Mail contact the Post Master General.

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