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Sound off: July 10

“Whoever drives a county vehicle for Liberty County Animal Control, you are an extremely dangerous driver. You were speeding at 80 mph in Hinesville near the Applebee’s and tail gating.  I hope you have a good reason as to why you’re speeding like that in a county car.  I called 911 and reported you.  Good luck!”

“Much like the president of the United States who is a liar, also is the attorney-general of United States who is a liar himself. The attorney general of United States lacks credibility much like the president of the United States. America deserves better, surely not with the founding fathers had in mind. The president and his attorney general is damaged democracy.”

“Fish wrap guy here.  I have the question of the week.  How is it people can use EBT cards to buy junk food and then pay cash for three or four $10 scratch off lotto tickets. I see this every time I go buy my two dollar Power Ball ticket.  Guess we can thank obozo for that.”

“Hinesville residents: please expose your pastors who are not doing right… My pastor likes to sleep with married people’s wives.”

“When is something going to be done about the formerly empty lot near 530 E. G. Miles Parkway?  Those 9 or 10 vacant trailers are an eyesore; not to mention the ever fading green paint of the fire truck.  This is a blight on the neighborhood.”

“Liberty County Commissioners all need to be replaced. What kind of budget is this? Taxpayers money.”

“I hope Liberty County School System is getting bus monitors on all school buses this school year. My son was bullied all year last year. I’m not putting up with it this year.”

“Dear District Leader, Please stop visiting our school every day. You are not mentoring a kid every single day. We know why you are here. Our colleague is married and she feels uncomfortable with your daily visits to her room. Our next step is to report you to Dr. Perry. He pumped you up as a professional, his successor, and would be disappointed if he knew you were behaving this way. Thank you.”

“On my knees every night praying to God to eradicate Donald Trump off the face of the earth and send him to Hell. What a despicable human being.”

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