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Sound off for July 17

“Dr. Perry, tell your Liberty County High School Head football coach stop throwing away kids’ letters from colleges. He been doing it for years. He thinks he’s God but he not. Kids have a right to read the letters.”


“I would not vote for Alan Brown for Mayor if you paid me. I do not approve of the way he handled the Kenny Howard situation. Many others have called Sound Off to express their unhappiness, and I hope they will join me in NOT re-electing him.”


“Burger King at exit 76, hurry up and open. We sure do need you!”


“We’re getting closer to being an authoritarian state. On the 4th of July we’re going to have a political speech at the Lincoln Memorial showing tanks and the whole bit. Once our service chiefs, our generals, start supporting Donald Trump we will become an authoritarian state. We’ll be like Putin, we’ll be like Kim, and we will be in for a big disaster.”


“I wish someone from the BOE would tell us how the Parker's donation money is spent. I think the public would like to know. I would bet that it is spent on food, gifts, and decorations for the BOE and Central Office and NOT spent on anything related to students. Meanwhile, I saw a ream of copy paper on the supply list for elementary students! Students should not have to supply their teacher with copy paper. Our school system has hit rock bottom.”


“What do stop signs mean? Do they mean slow down, look, if nobody is coming go for it? Or do they mean to lock all four?


“I’m calling regarding a large chain grocery store. If you’re disabled and you don’t have your own motor scooter, you go in and buy groceries, you can’t bring their scooter outside. They put a rod on their scooter. It makes you look stupid. You have to get help to carry your groceries outside. All people have a right to shop. A lot of disabled people spend a lot of money shopping there. It’s a disgrace to all handicapped people.”


“I see our mayor in Hinesville is running for re-election. I’d like for everyone to think about our elected officials that are allowing our city manager to continue working, drawing big money, after being indicted and (allegedly) being involved in a prostitution ring.  In the past year, a lot of high profile people have been fired for just being accused, not being indicted. I can’t believe the women in this county are sitting back and saying nothing."

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