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Sound off for March 13

“District 2 in Hinesville will be up for grabs in November. We need real Leadership. We have a two people running now that are real jokers.”

“Fort Stewart maybe getting more units. If President Trump relocates the military bases that are in states that are on the Mexican border because the states (Arizona, New Mexico and Texas) that don’t have a wall in place that the state should have paid for to have a wall in place. For their military bases make good targets for terrorist or gangs like MS13 to acquire weapons. And if you don’t think gangs can get into military arms rooms think again. For it happened at Old Fort Lewis in the 1960s where arms rooms were located in old WW2 buildings. So Hinesville and Liberty County may have a big influx of people if this happens.”

“Hang in there teachers, supports, and students!  Break is right around the corner!”

“When you get a tax bill instead of a refund this year, remember, your hard earned money went to some billionaire who really needed a tax break. Thanks Buddy Carter.”

“Why is Mr. Ryon’s qualifying even an issue? He has been a council member before and there wasn’t an issue?”

“Trump keeps saying the democrats are Socialists. I like my democratic socialist programs—VA, Tri-care, military and civilian retirement, Social Security and Medicare.”

“If you call in a sound off on the phone you are allowed 20 seconds to record your message. In Saturday’s edition of your fish wrap you allowed a nut to go on and on about the bus system in Liberty county.  He/she used up most of the space in the “Sound Off” column with their nonsense. Surely you can do better “fish wrap ladies”. But then you are a pro-democrat newspaper so that in itself speaks volumes.”

“Why have all the hometown families of Liberty County taken their children out of FPCA?”

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