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Sound off for May 1
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“Good Wednesday afternoon my fellow Hinesville residents – this includes you pizza ‘nut job’ boy, retired E7. Just wanted to say a couple of things here in your fishwrap newspaper. First of all, three lousy Sound Offs, wow! If this keeps up I may have to reach out to ‘pizza boy’ to start calling in more of his ‘nut job’ commentaries. I want to say adios to Ms. Standiford but don’t let the door hit you on the butt going out. She joins a list of others – Jeff Whitten, Asha Gilbert, Lisa Sanchez, amongst others who have jumped a sinking ship – the ship being your fishwrap you call a newspaper. And yes, I did renew my subscription to your paper but after all, my fish do need to be wrapped and I can’t afford the Charmin.” 

(Editor’s note: Mr. Fishwrap, as we’ve said before, Jeff Whitten is still employed under the same manager and same owner of the Coastal Courier as the editor of their sister newspaper, The Bryan County News. So he has NOT jumped ship. You may also subscribe to the Bryan County News, but don’t expect to see Sound Off – Jeff just runs his hilarious column each week. Thank you for renewing your subscription. We look forward to your continued input.)

“Really, BOE members? Did you really just hire a new principal for Bradwell that is not qualified for the job and has ZERO principal experience? Maybe you want him to fail? That’s the only reason I can see for hiring someone with no experience to run the largest school in the county. I sure hope the voters of Liberty County are happy with the people they put on the BOE.”

“We need a new mayor and city council now! Billy Edwards was fired because he was brave enough to stand up to an arrogant and self-important council member, but they are choosing to support (and continue to employ) a pervert who pays college-aged girls for sex. How embarrassing!”

“I cancelled all you bootleggers; get ready because that broom is coming through to sweep you up. The two places you will be able to go are IGA and church. The broom is coming through.”

“I’m very glad to hear that the deputies are receiving back pay because it is rightfully owed to them. Unfortunately that means no raises again this year for county employees. There are many employees that have worked over 10 years and have only received a cost of living raise which hasn’t even totaled up to a dollar. Ten years and no raise, but the County Commissioner received a $30,000 pay increase?”

“Why did the Liberty Board of Education move the principal at LCHS to central office to student service? She couldn’t even handle the students at the high school. So why do you think she can take care of our students in the district?”

“It’s amazing that Mr. Howard who has been indicted on soliciting continues to be supported by the city but our CHILDREN are being railroaded for protecting themselves and their friends when schools FAILED to do so. Who do our children have to know to get the same treatment?”

“People of Liberty County- please be careful when you are walking or driving by the Board of Education office! They have gotten so TOP HEAVY by creating jobs there for ineffective administrators that have to be removed from schools that I’m afraid the building might topple over at any point in time.”

The repair on W Hendry Street netted HPD a windfall profit. While HPD did not provide a car with flashing lights at the site or traffic control at the intersection of Hendry and Main Street…They did post a car in the Liberty Square Mall to catch drivers trying to escape the congestion at $161 a stop. Strictly legal -- highly profitable. Driving through a park lot is illegal, but this seems a little heavy-handed given the conditions.”

“Parents of high schoolers: Are you tired of the administrators doing a disappearing act when something bad happens at school and then punishing our kids to the max for it; compromising our kids futures? Remember our Board of Education members work for OUR CHILDREN and are voted into office by US. LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!”

“Can we all just get together on one thing? Those who drive around turn rattling the whole street with their ‘jams’ and/or speed cutting in and out of traffic, often while on their phones. Not to mention those who make everybody wait so they can back into a parking space. They are the true cool. We should all aspire to one day be that level of cool. Didn’t they used to say something about people overcompensating?”

“Is anyone concerned about the message being sent by an ad in a local magazine? I only see two ladies of color holding shovels as if they are the only ones working in the field digging. It’s concerning to me and poor advertising.”

“Remember the terrorist group known as FEAR that Military People from the 24th ID started at Fort Stewart. From what I see on Face Book this group may still be in operation. For they think everyone should own military style weapons like the ones that have been used in all the mass shootings in the United States. They are the ones lobbying for no gun control. And they were allowed by the people at Fort Stewart to fan out across the United States. If you want more go to the 24th ID Group on Face Book. They maybe recruiting still. Watch your back Hinesville, Georgia.”

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