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Sound Off for May 22
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“In last Wednesday’s Coastal Courier there were only seven Sound Offs. There should be a half page to a whole page dedicated to Sound Off. This may be the most important thing in your paper. It gives the people of Liberty County a voice to vent local problems that should stay local.”

“The school system is not the way it used to be. It’s sad when you are at work and there are adults who seem to be better or feel they are entitled. The school in which we work has a male paraprofessional who thinks he runs the school. He acts like he is a teacher when in fact he is not. This paraprofessional is just like the rest of the paraprofessionals. And he definitely is not the only paraprofessional at this school who thinks they know everything, there are others as well.”

“For all you people that keep calling us at the Department of Public Works and City Hall that live in the Sharon Street and Joyner Road area about dry trash pick-up. We don’t have the time to pick up your dry trash. You might want to burn it.”

“In 2016 Senator Lindsey Graham was a man who spoke strongly about his disdain for Trump. It’s now 2019 and Senator Graham has morphed into a spineless eunuch, who is afraid of his own shadow these days and is now unable to handle the truth. I would just imagine that Senator John McCain cries out from above.”

“Why does Kenneth Howard still have a job?”

“When teachers see how not only students get away with their behavior but so do other adults. The school system is not only failing but there is too much drama going on in schools and people need to stay in their own lane. We need to remember we are there to educate children, not listen to the drama.”

“This is referenced to that judge in Savannah that gave freedom to that mentally challenged person that drove his car into a restaurant and killed a young girl; How would that judge feel if that was his or her child? Would they feel the same?”

“So apparently just because the students are brought up in a terrible home we should give them a pass? That’s the mentality of this one person in the school! Seriously, we’re here to educate the child not raise them. If we give them a pass because of where they are from what does that teach them for the real world? This is unacceptable! This is why our students are the way they are! We’re educators and we need to educate our students!”

“Vicky Nelson says she rides through her district every day. Well Mrs. Nelson we all do; it’s calling going home.”

“Have you ever asked yourself why the president of the United States engages in lying? He lies to contradict the truth. Most of the time he contradicts the truth to impress we the people or he attempts to spread false information for the purpose of revenge. We lie when we twist the truth, we as Americans must be people of the truth and stand for nothing less than the whole truth, even if our president can’t.”

“If you are not in the clique of the Aloe White Club you are treated like an outcast.”

“Why is the Superintendent sharing personnel decisions with a particular parent before the BOE votes on changes? Check his Facebook page.This is an ethics violation! Please investigate BOE.”

 “To the City Council woman whose estranged husband was busted for drugs; whenever something like that happens we know that you have got to have knowledge of it.”

“What happened with the honor roll awards ceremony at Lyman Hall? It was a disaster! Completely unorganized, thrown together, and chaotic. Whoever was responsible for this program should be ashamed and embarrassed.”

“Hello, I’m a concerned citizen, I would like to say that I saw in the paper they say: ‘The city supports Kenneth Howard.’’ They shouldn’t put the city. I live in the city. A lot of us do not support that. They should put that the council members and mayor support Kenneth Howard. I’m part of that city and I don’t think that’s right.”  

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