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Sound off for Nov. 5, 2019
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Ain’t y’all got any creativity? Please provide a crossword WITHOUT the same old boring words like El Al, oreo, etc. And if you don’t know the meaning of a word, like banal, don’t use it.

To the Liberty County Taxpayers- I would be outraged to see that my taxes are being raised especially when it shows that disabled vets are paying nothing. I know a lot of the disabled vets that are working good paying jobs at Fort Stewart.   Maybe there should be a sliding  income scale for the property taxes. Senior citizens are on this why not them?

The SPLOST is supposed to be special. Not routine. It shouldn’t be used every time we need a new building or road, etc.

I wish that any elected official that wants to run for another elected position- give up their current one.  It is really unfair for those in the senate and the house of reps. running for president that for 2 yrs they are not fully engaged in their paid positions.

Count them, 3 lousy sound offs in the last copy of the coastal fish wrap. Believe it or not Patty, some people in Hootersville read your “so called” newspaper only for the “Sound Offs.”  Your paper is getting to the point of not being worth of my fish and will soon be put to use in my “outhouse”.  Maybe you should think of just calling it quits and go work for the Washington Post or NY Times, they both think along the same lines as demoRATs like you. Trump will win in 2020, you liberal losers need to come to accept this and thank God that crooked billary didn’t win.

Trump to me is weak and nothing more than a coward whom will never have a noble heart. For me Trump is the center of all ungodly things that has attempted to destroy American democracy.  Trump is not an honorable human being, his loyalty is only to himself and not to America. I view Trump as being far dirtier then the soles of my Combat boots.

So lying and having sex is an impeachable offense according to Sen. Graham.   But lying, obstruction, asking a foreign government to investigate a US citizen, holding foreign aide, and trying to get info on a political opponent is not.  Buddy Carter and David Perdue says it is not an impeachable offense. So where is our moral compass?

Congress has passed over 300 bills to Moscow Mitch’s desk.  So what is the senate doing???

Dr. Perry I think we should get rid of the uniform policy in the Liberty County School System. The class of 2020 sweaters and shirt are grey. Grey is not one of the colors for either High schools. So let be fair across the board.

Ukraine, Syria, G7, and the circus at the capital yesterday just shows us that Buddy Carter puts his own political career ahead of our country and constitution.  Maybe it is time for a different rep.

My realtor told me that having some foreclosures in the area would not hurt us - boy was she wrong.  I just got the appraisal on my house- 2 of the 3 foreclosures were used to set the value of my house.  Thank you Ft. Stewart.

Let’s fire these Liberty County Board members in May 2020 election!! Carol Guyett, Mrs. Verdell Jones, Ms. Carolyn Smith Carter.

Attorney General William Barr is a poor excuse for the Nations chief law-enforcement officer. Barr does not honorably represent the American people, this poor excuse for attorney general is nothing more than Trump’s lap dog whose been neutered and has losted his ability to distinguish between right and wrong when it comes to the rule of law. Bottom line William Barr is man who lacks integrity.

Dr. Perry why does my son have to have football practice on a Federal Holiday Columbus day. I thought the school was closed. I’m glad this is my son’s last year at LCHS. Coach Warner, this is unacceptable.

The Liberty County DFACS is failing our children! Seriously, DFACS look at what one of your foster parents did? You all should be held liable for what happened to those babies! It’s sad that you are so desperate to put anyone as foster parents and not monitor the kids. These foster parents only do it for the money not because they care about the kids! Have you seen how they are dressed? It’s a shame! Our governor needs to come and see how you all run this program! A complete disaster and now 2 children are dead!

Why does Hinesville need the Post Office they have? For it seems a waste of the Postal Services money to keep it running. For most merchants are into on line banking in Hinesville Georgia. For you don’t get a credit card statement anymore and you pay on line. For some credit card company’s wont even let you make a payment anymore at the store. An example of all this is Walmart Super Store right across the street from the Hinesville post office. And all the banks have gone to Computer Banking. Used to be you could get the information over the phone. Some Utilities have gone to on line statements and payments. I wonder when the City will have Customers go on line to get their Water and Trash pick up bill and make payments. Even this Newspaper is trying to go to a paper less newspaper. For packages are sent UPS and Federal Express because they have a faster delivery time.

These students are a new generation of disrespectful. I have never seen so much talking back and eye rolling at teachers. Parents, please teach YOUR kids the RIGHT way to respect an adult, whether it is their teacher or not. Discipline and behavior should be enforced at home, that is not the teachers’ jobs to waste instructional time to do. RESPECT IS RESPECT

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