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Sound off Sept. 25
Sound Off
These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may anonymously submit a comment online at or by phone by calling 876-3733.

“At the last election for Long County commissioners - they all said jobs was going to be their main focus.  We need jobs in this county - so what did we get? New subdivisions upon new subdivisions.  I just drove thru them and did not see one Long County tag working there.  I guess they meant jobs for Liberty county residents!”

“What a joke the new bloat at the BOE is putting the cost of A/C ahead of student health.”

“I pay taxes and I live in Walthourville. On September 10 a Walthourville police car was in Hinesville, eating at a restaurant in the evening at the Oglethorpe Square shopping center. The officer should have been on patrol in Walthourville. It would be hard to explain in court why the officer response time took so long to get to the scene.”

“It is nice of the Coastal Courier to have stories of locals helping Veterans. Even better would be all of the Georgia media joining forces to help get HB7 passed which would allow tax relief on military benefits similar to Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma and a few others. No one seems to want to mention the bill at all. There was one obscure mention on WTOC then it seemed to vanish.”

“For human mortality and morbidity, mosquitoes are the most dangerous creatures on the planet.”

“To the parents, staff, and administrators at Lyman Hall Elementary. I have a message for all of you. Over the period of several months, and for well over a year, I have read many statements posted on Sound Off regarding the school and the school climate. I have worked in the education system for well over 20 years now and continue to do so. I think it is cowardly for any employee to post something about a school, or the people they work with, in a public newspaper bashing others for no reason. The administration in all schools within Liberty County work hard and there are many things which happen within the office area you as teachers are not even aware of. You are wrong for writing these hurtful, harmful things about other teachers and administrators without you even knowing all the facts. Whoever wrote the last opinion about Lyman Hall should stop teaching and stay home. We do not need you even being at the school. You do not help education and you do not help the students who really need extra support. Shame on you!”

“Are you a COWARD if you go to Sound Off?”

“I recently attended a class on whether to buy or rent a house.  The class was put on by realtors, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, and investment counselors. The bottom line was if you are only going to be in the area for 5 years or less - do not buy a house but rent.  Maybe the military should take the class and just maybe we would not have so many foreclosures.”

“Vote Larry Baker Walthourville Mayor.”

“I attended a parent/teacher conference at my child’s school. It was so hot in the classroom! The teacher kept apologizing for how hot it was in the room! The teacher said the conference was scheduled before they knew about the air being cut off! Please tell me Liberty County why are we suffering our parents and teachers to be in and work in conditions like that?”

“If you live in my trailer park in Liberty County, Georgia, and you want work done on the mobile home you are renting you are going to have to pay more in rent. For most of my time is spent fixing high rent apartment and houses that run from $700 a month to $800 a month.  For we lost all our illegal migrant workers thanks to President Trump. Who did good work at a low wage of $2 an hour and now we have to hire U.S. citizens who seem to have a drug problem. And produce poor work. If you don’t like living in this mobile home park you can always move out.”

“This is for the fish wrap guy. Has your computer been acting up? Have you got Face Book and have said you are a Republican and what a great job President Trump has been doing. For the Democrats have hacked into a lot of Face Book accounts that support President Trump and now they have a computer problem that over rides Norton. And your computer may have a virus. You can tell if your computer loads slow or not at all using Face Book. If the Democrats can do this they can hack into the voting machines and our vote for President Trump may not count. How much have they rigged our elections in the past?”

“I just wanted to say sorry to ex- Superintendent Dr. Lee for believing all those lies board member Marcus Scott said about you. You were the best thing to happen to our school system. I don’t know why they picked another Superintendent. Since Marcus Scott is gone please come back. The district is falling apart. Teachers are leaving, behaviors have gone up. Administrators has lost their minds. They hired a Deputy Superintendent that doesn’t know what is going on in our school system.”

“Is there nothing that can be done about the flow of traffic going into the (new) car wash?  The cars line up and block the parking lot and the adjacent road.  I would imagine the other business owners in the plaza would want some arrangement, adjustment in the set-up done as I cannot be the only one deterred from that plaza due to this mess.”

“City of Hinesville Water Department, please consider sending out notices prior to new billing formats. I certainly hope that extensions were given as the new bills could have easily been thrown away.”

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