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Tax meetings should be more convenient
Letter to the editor

Editor, The citizens of Liberty County are still greatly concerned about the exceptionally high property taxes for 2014. Officials had given conflicting information about the Feb. 10 meeting scheduled for 10 a.m. This meeting was posted on the community calendar, but did not specify that it was an open meeting.  
Former Commission Chairman John McIver informed me that all tax assessor’s meetings are open. However, when citizens showed up for the meeting, they were informed that it had been canceled due to lack of a quorum. Apparently, many of the staffers were out of town for training. Additionally, as I pointed out to officials, it is unfair to working people to schedule a meeting at 10 in the morning.
The citizens of Liberty County deserve the opportunity to be heard. I, for one, have no intention of paying this tax until the resolution of my appeal, which was filed in a timely manner — nine months ago, to be exact. Something has to be done about this state of affairs.
I have inquired whether an open meeting can be scheduled prior to the tax deadline in the evening, but so far, no one has responded. Understandably, citizens are quite upset.

— Minister Gloria P. Brown

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