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Teen charged with shooting is no hero
Letter to editor
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Editor, Bobby Phillips’ recent letter to the editor stated that a teenager accused of shooting Josh Moore should be regarded as a hero and that he shot Bobby accidentally. He also stated that the teenager saved his life. Bobby is attempting to cover up other things.
The teen is no hero, in my opinion. My son was shot while his back was turned. He never knew what was coming. My son, Joshua Moore, was shot in the back of the head, severing his brain stem. He was shot again after he was dead.
My son had no weapon on him.
My son had no confrontation with this boy.
Bobby Phillips was my son’s boss. My son was trying to collect his pay.
People are making awful accusations against my son, Joshua Moore. It’s not the truth. The lies will become evident at trial.
The police have evidence that proves some of the parties involved in the shooting are being untruthful.
My son was not a perfect person, but he loved God. He brought many to Christ in his lifetime. He had a huge heart and would have given you the shirt off his back. He was loved by many and because of this tragedy, his three children are left with no daddy, his wife with no husband, his brother and sisters with no sibling, his friends with no friend, my husband and me without a son.
I love you, Joshua.
— Mama

Donna Kovacek Moore

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