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Thank you to Liberty Regional Hospital
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Liberty Regional hospital and staff,

  I am deeply Blessed and grateful for all the wonderful care I received from all of you.

  Not only are you professional and knowledgeable, but you are emotionally caring and sincere in your desire to assist your patients in making as much recovery as they are physically and medically capable of.

When I arrived inpatient at your facility, for much needed Physical / occupational therapy as well as medical care, I was physically so weak from being a lengthy inpatient at another facility, due to severe cardiac / respiratory failure. I could not stand up nor ambulate without assistance. During my first week of physical therapy, Bree, Joe or one of the staff, would have to take me down to PT in a wheelchair. By the second week I could walk there, with the aid of a walker, and many rest stops. Then I progressed to being able to use the walker and go down to PT, without having to take a test Break!

My leg and arm strength was building up, as was my cardiac and respiratory status. All because Bree, Joe, Diane and all the PT staff was always encouraging - they understood limitations, but they also understood depression and how goals can continue to motivate and lift ones spirit.

The medical staff was commendable!

I arrived there after a prolonged hospital stay and cardiac procedures in another hospital. They monitored my physical status and medication closely, and if I had any concerns, they always were patient and of assistance. Rachel and LaToya in respiratory therapy, were always available if I needed PRN respiratory care. They both provided needed information and advice to assist me with my respiratory issues. A lady in dietary (wish I knew her name), noticed I was eating very little - she asked was something wrong with the food, was there a favorite food she might bring?

I explained it wasn’t the food, it was just I had been in the other hospital so long, the aroma of eggs and grits made me nauseous. She inquired if I liked cereal and fruit, which I do :) so she made certain I had cereal, toast and fruit for breakfast.

Thank you nursing aid staff for making certain I had soup, Graham crackers, Jello and pudding when I couldn’t eat much.

Liberty Regional, Apollo deserves a raise!

Everyone there is a hard worker but Apollo is never still, he likes his patients taken care of and their room environment clean and tidy!

Housekeeping was always helpful as well, due to certain medical conditions I had, they always made certain my paper goods were adequately supplied.

Thank you with deep gratitude to the step down unit administration, for accepting me as a patient. With the physical condition I was then in, my daughter was unable to provide care for me, I would have been placed into a nursing home and separated from my beloved senior fur baby, Tom puppy, who is battling cancer and needed his mommy by his side PT /OT dept., I can’t begin to adequately verbalize my deep appreciation for your help and needed encouragement, which enabled me to live with my daughter and Tom puppy, instead of being placed in a nursing home.

Liberty Regional is truly a caring community involved hospital, with so many varied medical disciplines to offer, from inpatient PT, to outpatient PT, to your outpatient cardiac dept.

You are a hospital with the community’s health care foremost, medical knowledge to assist them, but most of all, your sincere interest in those whom you care for.


 God Bless

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