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Thanking members of the armed forces
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Dear Editor,

Our nation remembered the 20th anniversary of the 911 attack and the two wars that followed.  I personally would like to thank all of the members of the armed forces for making the decision of their own free will to stand in the warrior way of service and sacrifice.  The military makes up less than one percent of the US population.

The people of Coastal Georgia and a strong veteran community has celebrated and grieved with the men and women of the Third Infantry Division for twenty years of war. Most Americans will never understand your service and the struggle of the military family.

I am national known as the flagman having travel border to border and coast to coast in supportive of the war effort and would like to take a few minutes to share some of my adventures with you.

On July 7, 2007 I celebrated my birthday with members of the Navy on the USS Cape St. George 300 miles out in the Atlantic. Every member of the crew received a flag. That night a navy chief told me their secrets. Their ways of saying thank you for uplifting the morale of their sailors. They surprised me. The ship was totally black and the heaven was full of stars, as I walked to the fan tail. There was small ball of light with one of my flags flying on a US warship at sea. It was the right time to pray and thank God for blessing my work.

   August 10 2008 I was at of Lackland AFB where USAF has basic training. I had two members of my youth group who helped me pass out flags, in Georgia and Florida.  Brandon Hammond, and Shiniska Farrington, in uniform. The Major general and 60 members of the Airforce senior leadership acknowledged me for accomplishment.

In October 23, 2008 as I recall, I passed out VIP flags to Wounded Warriors at the pentagon and it was an awesome patriotic event with the hallways lined with flags. Armed forces Honor Guard and Pipe and Drum. Later that morning at the 911 memorial, you could hear the 21-gun salute from Arlington National Cemetery every 5 minutes. The Iraq prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, requested pictures with the flagman and I lost my camera.

The community support for the family and children you left behind when you deployed was extraordinary as you know.  The Vietnam Veterans of America chapter 789 never missed your return home. DAV Chapter 46 rose to great power in the state of Ga. And so many others amazing people like the Yellow Bow Lady that I greatly admire for their humanity.

My daughter’s girlfriend’s husband was deployed with four kids the youngest was 6 and she took it very hard. She adopted the flagman as her grandfather and I complied with her every request. 

When her father returned, she insisted that I carried her and deliver her into her father arms. He was a humble and grateful dog face soldier of the 3rd ID.

Forty years ago the, “Powers on High” challenged Warrior Theodore, to test his love of America, to see how far a man go without help or assistant. To test his faith in GOD!!!  For the past 23 years as the flagman I never missed a year even with Covid. How did I do it?

With 100% disable, SSDI check, credit cards. I refinance my home twice, one second mortgage,  one bankruptcy and nearly $200,000.00 of his own money. Forty years and, I AM STILL STANDING!!!

People say I need to write a book, well I already have the title is, “The Three Mentors, Warrior Theodore of the Spartans the battle for the soul.” They are running a promotional sale for the 99 cents for Kindle and E books on, for the next 30 days I hope I can count on your support .

Warrior Theodore of the Spartan

Ted Harris Midway ,Ga

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