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Thanks to voters in Liberty County
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor:

To the Voters of Liberty County:

On behalf of the Liberty County Board of Elections and Registration (the “Board”), I want to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the voters of Liberty County and our dedicated election workers, as well as the political parties and their volunteer monitors, for an extremely successful November 3 General Election, conspicuous for its professionalism, transparency, and unmatched participation.

While I know that the public has recently been exposed to persistent claims of supposed election fraud and mismanagement throughout the nation, the recently concluded elections in our County should be an occasion for celebration, regardless of your political affiliation.  Whether you voted in-person or by mail, almost 21,400 voters made their voices heard this November.  Such a turnout was extraordinary and signals that our democracy is more vital than ever.  This is good news.

And whether your candidate won or lost, everyone should take comfort in the fact that, more than any election in recent memory, tremendous efforts were made to ensure that the November General Election was conducted fairly and honestly.  From accommodations made to provide a safe voting experience during a world-wide pandemic to an audit conducted by hand of every legal ballot cast, state and local election officials worked tirelessly to maintain the integrity of our election system.  In Liberty County, no untimely mail-in absentee ballots or known illegal votes were counted, no systemic fraud was present, no hacking or similar manipulation of our voting system was detected, and no other consequential irregularities of any kind were reported.  

In short, the public can have confidence that the results of the November General Election in our County are complete, accurate, and trustworthy.  Again, this is due not only to our wonderful election workers, but to you, the voters of Liberty County.  

With your continued support, we intend that the January 5, 2021 Runoff Election will be equally successful.  As with the November General Election, there are several ways to safety and securely cast your vote.  For information regarding these voting options, please call the Board at 912-876-3310 or visit the Board website at (under “Departments”).  Please also remember that the last day to register to vote for the Runoff Election is December 7, 2020.

Together we will ensure that the voices of all Liberty County voters are heard.  Thank you again.

Linda Martin,


Liberty County Board of Elections and 


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