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Turn old CDs, DVDs into educational tools
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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It’s magic! This week, with your help, First Presbyterian Christian Academy will turn donated CDs and DVDs into useful educational tools for students. On Tuesday, FPCA will collect used CDs and DVDs — you know, those things that replaced cassettes and VCR tapes and now are sitting around collecting dust in your cabinets and entertainment centers.
FPCA will send off the collected discs and, in exchange, will receive new Kindles and iPads, which are electronic reading devices that probably also will be out of date in a few years — just like eight tracks and cassettes and VCRs. But for a while at least, these Kindles and iPads that you help FPCA obtain will open up a world of educational applications to students.
The event, which kicks off from 2-6 p.m. Tuesday, is called “iWin: converting CDs and DVDs into Educational Tools for Kids.” I just think of it as educational magic.
Take a look around your house and car. I’m willing to bet you have many CDs and DVDs that you no longer use. I know I do! In fact, I have so many discs to turn in, I’m sure the school will get one Kindle just from my stuff! If you’ve always wanted to help promote education but never knew how to make a difference, this is one thing you can do with just a little effort. Best of all, it’s free. What a great way to support a local school — and it is so easy, too. 
The process is simple. Round up all of your CDs and DVDs. Make sure they are all in their original cases with the original artwork covers. Also, please turn in only commercial items. FPCA cannot use the burned CD of Christmas carols that you made for last year’s office party. Actually, no one probably wants that one anyway. Promotional sets, such as those from a specialty store for a holiday, also will not be accepted.
The company that FPCA is working with will resell the items, so please bring CDs and DVDs that work and are not scratched. Depending on the number of items the school sends in, they will receive new Kindles or iPads. So box or bag up your donations and turn them into FPCA between 2-6 p.m. Tuesday.
Tuesday afternoon’s collection will be lots of fun. KIX 96.5 will provide music and door prizes, and one lucky contributor will win a Kindle.
So make the effort this weekend to go through your stash of old CDs and DVDs. Your efforts could help educate local students for years to come. We need to make sure that this young generation gets the best education possible. I love projects that recycle or reuse things while helping to educate children. With “iWin,” we all win!
Tied up on Tuesday? No problem! Just call Maria Reed at FPCA and arrange a time to drop off your donation when you can. If you have any questions or need additional information, call Maria 876-0441 or Keep Liberty Beautiful at 880-4888 or email or
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