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TV ad cooks up less than truth
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Buyer Beware:  I’m sure most of you have seen the recent ad showing a lady using a device that looks like a small waffle maker.  She mixes concoctions quickly and pours them into a cooker and, voila, in minutes she has produced a tasty meal. Well, I wanted one of them and one night the ad said if you call within three minutes, you can buy one and get one free for only $19.95.  I called immediately and ordered the pair —  one for me and one for my mom.  What a shock when the two cookers arrived. They came in one box and I was charged two shipping and handling charges. I called the company to say both cookers arrived in one box, yet I was charged two shipping and handling charges. No amount of complaining would matter. My bill came to $69.80 for this “$19.95, buy-one-get-one-free” offer. Please beware of this ad.

Stay cool: 
I know this is going to sound crazy, but when working in your yard, biking, running, etc., carry a bottle of water so you can spray your shirt. If your shirt is wet, you will feel cool and be able to work in this Georgia heat. This was something I discovered while riding a bike across Iowa in 1979. Everyone kept pouring water over their heads and on their shirts. It really worked.  When we would arrive at a rest stop, everyone replenished their water bottles. It was our portable air conditioning system. Also, drink plenty of water. Freeze your water bottles and take them in the yard with you. They will soon begin to thaw, but will be cool and tasty. Make sure you take a potassium tablet each day you work in the heat.
To keep your garden and flowerbeds “cool,” use your old newspapers. Lay them down between rows in your garden and around trees and plants. When wet, they will feed your plants much needed water during the drought we are experiencing. Cover the newspapers with leaves and pine straw. They will thank you by thriving.

Save the fruit: Whenever my fruit trees begin to produce luscious fruit — particularly plums in June — I have to resort to Jerry Baker’s advice. I mix one tablespoon of baby shampoo and one tablespoon of ammonia, and spray my plums to keep the birds and squirrels from robbing my tree. I have a methley and a bruce plum tree. My methley is full of beautiful plums and I just want to be able to enjoy them. My bruce has not produced yet, but it should next year. Once I pick the fruit, I rinse off the non-chemical mixture and enjoy my delicious, purple plums. Speaking of fruit, Liberty County is packed this summer with elderberries. I’ve seen bushes blooming throughout the county. Elderberries make a delicious cobbler, jelly and wine. The berries are about the size of a BB and you must pick a lot of them to get enough juice to produce an end product, but it’s worth it. There are a lot of “sloe” plums throughout the county also. There are also black cherry trees in Lake George and other areas of the county that are really loaded with fruit this year. All of these delicious fruits are out there waiting for you to pick them — all for free. I have five trees and am willing to share with the birds, but I want to enjoy some of the two varieties I have, turkey wing and brown. Again, I urge you to buy fruit trees when visiting your local nursery. You won’t believe the pleasure you will get from picking and enjoying the fruit.

Burn ban lifted: According to James Ashdown, Liberty County fire services coordinator, the burn ban in Liberty County has been lifted. But you still must acquire a burn permit from the Forestry Services on Highway 17 South to be able to burn. Just remember to tend to your fire, have a garden hose close by and a rake handy. Never leave a fire unattended and, above all, don’t burn on a windy day.

Project Linus:  Recently, Project Linus donated 18 handmade blankets and shawls for the neo-natal department at Memorial Medical Center. This is where my little grandson, Charlie, was born Dec. 1, 2005. Project Linus provides these blankets to families in need. Linus, of Peanuts cartoon fame, is never without his security blanket. It gives him comfort and peace of mind. Project Linus provides this to newborns. If you wish to contribute a new blanket to this organization, contact the Savannah chapter at or

Plenty for everyone:  Remember, Tattnall County has 17 roadside and U-pick farms from Glennville to Cobbtown. Available in the month of June are blackberries, blueberries, peaches, cantaloupes, cucumbers, peas, beans, okra, bell peppers, squash, corn, tomatoes, onions and watermelons. You may even be able to pick your own blackberries still at the Bamboo Farm on Highway 17 North.  In July you will still be able to get all of these, with blueberries and onions tapering off.  If you have a computer, go to to get complete listings of the farms and directions to them. 
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