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Voting no on charter-school amendment a step in right direction
Letter to the editor
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Editor, A “no” vote on the Georgia Charter Schools Amendment is a vote for local control.

Local and state school boards of education already have the authority to approve start-up and conversion charter schools. This amendment would allow seven political appointees known as the Charter School Commission to have the authority to approve charter schools over the objections of local and state boards of education.

A “no” vote is a vote not to raise taxes.

If approved, the amendment would require the state to give more than $6,000 per student enrolled to the charter schools approved by the commission. Since members of the General Assembly supporting this amendment have promised that the money will not come from money allotted to local boards of education, where will the money come from unless taxes are raised?

A “no” vote is a vote to support public education.

Nearly 96 percent of all children are educated in public schools. Fully fund public education first before giving money to private, for-profit corporations that operate charter schools. Results show that students who attend such charter schools perform no better than the average public-school student.

— Dr. Judy Scherer
Liberty County School System superintendent

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