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We shouldn't have to pay to have opinions heard
Letter to editor
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Editor, Did you get your letter yet from the American Military Society asking for money so you can have a voice in the U.S. government? I always was told in civics and American-problems classes in grammar and high school that our votes give us a voice in government — plus, we pay federal taxes to keep that government running for the people and by the people.
The rich people you are supporting are getting richer by telling me and other people to send them money so that we can have a voice in government. My vote and the taxes I pay give me a the right to have a voice in our government. Maybe it’s time for a change to a socialist government for the people by the people.
I thought you would like to know how the rich are benefitting from the way you are handling the economics of our government. Maybe the U.S. Department of Justice needs to look into this because paying an organization in order to have a voice in the U.S. government is unconstitutional. Republicans who back such a practice need to be impeached.

— Robert J. Wetmore

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