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Weed out Washington polticis
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How can you declare a plant that occurs naturally on this planet that is provided by our creator for some divine purpose illegal?  
It seems absurd and a personal indictment against the judgment of the higher power.  Humans have actually done just that by declaring war on the cannabis plant.
For centuries, cannabis has been used by many cultures for its medicinal properties.  It wasn’t until the 1937 Tax Stamp Act that marijuana was targeted for prosecution by the Washington politicians to “weed out” the Mexican immigrants (pardon the pun) streaming into America looking for employment when jobs of any kind were in scarce supply.
With Proposition 215, Californians and many other states have legalized the use of the herb for medicinal use for those in need of its useful properties. Glaucoma, cancer, and multiple sclerosis patients are the first in line for a prescription.
I am told that it also relieves to a degree some of the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Recently, the DEA (the long arm of Washington politics) has declared war on the medicinal cannabis dispensaries in California. Disregarding states’ rights and the voice of the people exercising their right to vote for a law they believe is essential to the needs of the suffering, Washington knows what is best for us once again.
What is the point in the whole idea of a state legislative process and voter referendums if they are not honored by the supreme authority of the “power that be” in Washington? “Federal law trumps state law in every case,” I am repetitively told.
Yet, they deceptively throw the issues they find distasteful back at us like the gay marriage debate. “Let the states decide that one.” Which is it? Do states have the right to legislate issues relevant to the needs of its own people or not?
The constitution outlines definitively what role the federal government is to play in our democracy and what is in the domain of individual states. It is Washington that keeps changing the rules with endless executive orders and expansive legislation in Congress.
Let us just go back to the basics like following the constitution to the letter and leave these personal issues in the voters’ hands to decide for ourselves what is best.  
We are just as logical and rational when it comes to making decisions as those who rule Washington. After all, a state’s fundamental duty is to provide for the education of its residents.
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