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Weigh Social Security options carefully
Letter to editor
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Editor, I feel that it is going to be a big economic mistake if the U.S. government takes away Social Security from those seniors older than 65 and who are on Social Security already. Just talking about it already has hurt the economy. Seniors have stopped buying major items because they are scared the money won’t be there to pay for them. Major items usually are bought on credit. This means businesses like Lowe’s and Walmart will lose business and have to cut labor hours or lay off employees. This adds to the unemployment and underemployment problem. There are going to be more people out looking for jobs who are 65 years and older because the U.S. government did away with their Social Security income. This is not going to help the younger generation economically if you really think about it.
What we need to save the economy is to have only those who have degrees in economics run for political office. And those who don’t have a degree in economics can’t run for political office.
What our U.S. congressmen and senators should have done is control prices. They let the businesses set their own prices, which is based on what the consumer is willing to pay for their products. Look how high the prices have gone up on gas. I bet the prices would go down if consumers stopped buying gas at the high prices and gas started stacking up at the refineries here in the United States and on ships in our ports.
But if our government would tell the gas companies and producers the price they could sell their products for, the price would stay level. Businesses don’t give the U.S. government price breaks for their products, and this causes the U.S. debt to rise.
Not taxing Mr. Big Business and the rich also causes the U.S. debt to rise. We let Mr. Big Business off the hook from paying taxes in fear they will move their businesses offshore. These businesses ought to be treated like traitors of the United States and not allowed to sell their products in the United States.
I hope this gets the rest of you folks to voice your opinion on what our government wants to do to us folks who are older than 65 years old and what us old folks think should be done to lower the debt. I am 68 years old as of June 16.

— Robert J. Wetmore

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