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What does future hold at local, national levels
Letter to editor
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Editor, I have always planned on returning to my hometown of Hinesville after graduating from college. However, what is happening to our nation and, in particular, our military has caused me to reconsider the future viability and growth of the Hinesville area and, more importantly, the future of our nation.
Sure, we have all heard that Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield are too vital to the defense of our country to be closed down, but honestly, the installation’s future is a political pen stroke away from continued decline.
In fact, during the past couple years, the community went from planning for an additional brigade to actually losing a brigade from the 3rd Infantry Division. Instead of making decisions to cut fraud, waste and pork-barrel projects, our decision-makers in Washington, D.C., are cutting critically important budget items like our military, which is irresponsible at a time when the world is far from stable.
It is vital to support our military to sustain the current strength and stability of America during times when others in the world want to cause us harm. Fiscally responsible support of our armed forces allows small military-dependent towns, such as Hinesville, to remain stable while helping with our national defense.
In order for many military-dependent communities to remain vibrant and grow, state and federal representatives need to be reminded constantly of the importance of our military. You are encouraged to contact them directly or through organizations, such as Southeast Georgia Friends of Fort Stewart and Hunter, to let them know that the current path of wasteful spending — while cutting our national-defense assets — is leading us down a path to nowhere. If action is not taken by the populous to encourage change and improve support for the military, then the futures of Fort Stewart, Hunter and our nation are in peril.
I am a proud Liberty County native in my third year of college at Mercer University, and I have to begin planning for my future after graduation. I intend to return to Hinesville because that is home to me. But, on local and national levels, I must ask the question, “What is our future?”

— Brandon Standard

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