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Why are there so few stores in Hinesville?
Letters to the Editor

Editor, Sam’s, Costco, Barnes and Noble, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Hallmark, Hancock Fabrics, Staple’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, JC Penney, Sears, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Kirkland’s, etc.
It puzzles me why none of the above stores are in Hinesville. We are far enough away from these same stores currently located only in the Savannah area. What is preventing these stores from opening another branch here in Hinesville? Is it the building restrictions in the city? Is it lack of incentive to build here?
I would estimate that the metropolitan area around and including Hinesville for 35 miles in each compass direction would have enough people to support these stores here, and the people would welcome not having to drive all the way to Savannah to shop there.
I buy from these stores and find the shipping charges to be cheaper than the gas required to drive there. Not to mention the time spent just in traveling the 100-mile round trip.
I would welcome an answer to the lack of presence to these stores in Hinesville as I am stumped as to their absence here in Hinesville.

Meg M. Hair

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