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Winners, losers and the wrath of storms
Patty Leon new

It’s time to celebrate our winners! Tonight, is the night we honor the winners of our annual Best of Liberty Contest published by the Coastal Courier and Liberty Life Magazine. These people, places, organizations and businesses have endured a long-lasting pandemic but have proven they have the strength and power to overcome all obstacles.

This is the first time our awards ceremony will take place at the Richmond Hill City Center. We’ve grown so much each year that we outgrew local venues. We also want to make sure we provide a safe and roomy environment for our attendees. 

I’d like to say a special thanks to the Law Firm of Jones, Osteen and Jones for being our Exclusive Sponsor for the event. Thanks to Hernandez Collision Center, our Platinum Sponsors, Elaine Boggs Realty LLC, our Gold Sponsors, Coastal Electric Cooperative and Kathy Villafane for being our Silver Sponsors and Carter Ink for being our Bronze Sponsor.

But I really want to thank all the winners for going above and beyond, amid a devastating pandemic, while still providing the best services for their customers and community.


To mask or not to mask? That be the question. There is a lot of back-and-forth going on about masks. Some feel safer if they wear one. Others say it impedes on their freedoms. Some cities have implemented mask mandates, meanwhile some Governors have issued executive orders allowing people and businesses to opt-out of local mandates. Should schools mandate masks? Should political powers have the authority to “de-fund,” schools that require masks.

On this matter we are all losers!

It’s so stupid to be fighting like wild animals with each other over a piece of cloth. If, after you conduct your own research and fact checks, decide wearing a mask is what you want to do, then wear a mask. If you decide you don’t need a mask, then don’t wear one! It’s your choice.


If you decide you will not wear a mask and a privately owned business decides that masks are required in their building, then either wear the mask or find somewhere else to go!

For every one place that requires a mask for entry, I am willing to bet you will find another place that does not!

Don’t be a douche-bag about it. This crap isn’t a political thing either. It is a public health matter and people have the right to make their own public health decisions as long as they realize all personal choices have consequences and responsibilities.

And don’t get me started with masks in school! Young kids will not wear them properly! We all know this!

I also understand the need for kids to be on campus, for in-person classes, for the optimal educational experience. It’s good that our local school systems wanted the best for our kids. But the Delta Variant is surging, including among the young and vulnerable, who don’t event qualify for a vaccine if their parents wanted one for them.

Here we are two weeks into the school year and we have more than 700 kids in quarantine in the Long County School System with nearly the same amount quarantined in the Liberty County School System.

I applaud both school systems for wanting kids in school, but I don’t understand why parents were not given a voluntary virtual option from the get-go! It would have kept classroom sizes smaller, and allowed parents to make the decision for their own children.

Parents who wanted their kids to go to school, would send them on their merry way. Parents who wanted to continue virtual would probably have felt less anxious about possible infection to their child.

Long County just went 100 percent virtual until possibly Labor Day. Their Board of Education is considering a hybrid option, after that date, until numbers go down. Liberty has just discussed the matter at a recent meetings.

Wrath of storms

Don’t put away your disaster supply kit just yet! 

We are entering the height of the Atlantic Hurricane Season and we’ve already had eight named storms so far! Fred just passed by last week. Mexico got hit by Grace, Henri slammed the northeast, and more storms are predicted to form.

August temperatures means ocean waters tend to be warmer, a perfect cocktail for the development of these storms. A reminder that even a Tropical Storm or Category One Hurricane can cause significant destruction, flash floods, topple trees, down power lines and take lives. 

Better to be prepared than to be sorry!

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