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Yanni or laurel, etc.
From the editor
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Consider this a potpourri of a column. You know, smells good, lots of stuff. 

First up, what’s the deal with this yanni versus laurel thing? If you haven’t heard, it seems half the world wants to know whether you hear yanni or laurel when you listen to a certain song on the internet. 

I haven’t tried it. I think this whole thing was cooked up by the Russians, who are now trying to influence school board elections around the world through subliminal messages. 

Lest you think mind control is just a figment of some of our imaginations, this is from my email inbox. 

Note that I have no idea what a back neck device is, but this guy has a solution to it and is going to make sure it stays out of the hands of evil people. I think he also hopes I’ll help pay for it. 


here is another solution to the back neck device.

 my back neck device works through a certain frequency and works in seoul, pusan, Jeollado of korea ,which means it operates nationwide and regionally.

it also works inside the tunnel on the highway. 

given all the facts, i think that the felons make use of the nationwide and regional telecommunications network( radio, satellite, TV, mobile etc ) in order to operate the back neck device.

it is necessary to check out the nationwide and regional telecommunications network to see whether any evil people make use of the network illegally. 

the serious crime can be solved by getting rid of the device if there is any illegal device in the network.

it is important to change the maintainance method of the network or make a related law to the maintainance in order for the network not to be used by evil people illegally. 

i mean that it is necessary to protect the nationwide and regional telecommunications network(radio, satellite, TV, mobile etc). 

i would like to get a reward for the solutions that i have given.

please send me some money if you think that you have received some help from the solutions that i have given.

my bank account number is as follows ; 

Bank Name : NongHyup Bank

Account Number : 121038-56-068422


Account Holder’s Name : daikwon lee

my mobile : 82-010-7550-0494



No sweat, daikwon. Check’s in the mail. 

Last up, here’s a shout out to the Class of 2018. Congratulations, but if you think getting through high school was tough, just wait until you’ve got kids starting high school. 

Hopefully by then you’ll have a job, though take my word for it — unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, those sort of things don’t just fall in your lap. 

Not only will you have to work when you get a job, but you have to work to get a job. It’s not fair, but until you win the lottery or the world melts, it is what it is.  

My own high school career was something of a bust. What I mostly remember was having to change schools a lot because I’m an Army brat, and wearing weird clothes because it was the 1970s, and it being the 1970s. Anybody remember Captain  and Tennille? My, that was awful. 

Back then the Army and its families were kind of looked down on by civilians, I think, so us Army kids tended to keep to ourselves. 

I don’t know if it’s the same way now.  I think we try as a society to do better than we used to, so maybe we’re better in that regard 

What’s more, kids nowadays seem more focused than I ever was. Academics weren’t on my radar in school. Never were, no matter how much my parents tried to get me to hit the books. Not even in college, which came in spurts until I finally finished school and got a job of sorts. 

Someday, I might even grow up. 

Enjoy graduation and remember the best thing in this world you can ever do is leave it better than you found it. 

How you decide to do that is your call. 

Whitten is managing editor of the Courier.

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