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Yard sales unite civilians, military
Military spouse
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My first post-wide yard sale taught me a few things. It taught me that even after having been stationed at Fort Stewart for almost two years, I still have no idea how to get around post. It taught me that the threat of rain seriously reduces garage sale prices. It also taught me that a few hours out with good friends can make up for a too-long series of bad days.
A few great buys later, I’m drained. The sale was a blast and a great way to grow closer with friends and meet new people, but it’s not such an easy task for a woman who’s operating on the limited energy pregnancy allows.
I think the best part of the post-wide yard sale is the easy conversations that go on between people. For once, there’s no rank, no civilian or military. It’s just a bunch of people hoping to get rid of their extra stuff and a bunch more hoping for good deals.
There’s something refreshing about seeing people from different backgrounds, cultures, states and even countries talking together about what kind of books their kids read when they were little or how the styles of clothing have changed over the years. It’s unifying.
And in the midst of people who’ve dedicated their lives to the pursuit of the American dream — the dream of freedom and equality — it’s really nice to see that kind of an America beyond the pages of novels and the television screen

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