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Yep, I believe UFO’s are already here
Dee McLelland new

I believe in unidentified flying objects. That’s right, UFO’s.

I know that may not be a popular thing to admit, but it’s the truth.

I believe we are slowly getting more news on unidentified flying objects all the time and just recently the SpaceX mission had an encounter with what was termed as an “unidentified object” on its journey to the International Space Station just last week.

It seems obvious, along with many other credible sightings, that eventually we will learn the truth. Of course, that will lead us to many questions as to all the consequences of finding additional life in other parts of the universe, much less beings who have the ability to travel light years across the vast expanse while we are barely scraping the surface of space travel.

The ramifications of such a revelation will touch many people and it will not only come in the handling of our day to day lives, but also such things as our politics and even religion.

Some of our brightest scientists have said if an alien species visited Earth, it would not be a friendly visit, in fact, several have said that such a visit could prove fatal for the world. I guess my question is why?

Aren’t we right now flying a drone helicopter on Mars right now? Did we equip the helicopter with ray guns? Aren’t we searching for signs of water and past life on the planet rather than trying to take control of it?

I think we have been brainwashed to a certain extent when it comes to aliens visiting our planet. Watch any movie about space encounters and it seems we are always in a battle. Why can’t it be true that our visitors could also be just like us, and exploring a new planet?

Movies and television have almost made us numb to the idea of a species visiting our planet that we forget how massive an undertaking has to be to travel across space. A little over 50 years ago we stepped foot on the moon and we have recently reached Mars in an unmanned vehicle. Who’s to say that another civilization didn’t have thousands of years head start and be way past us in technology and societal rules?

I think those questions would be far more important for us. Could another planet’s culture help us become better versions of ourselves and our nations? We certainly could use some help after looking at what we have done to our country and planet over the years.

Advanced knowledge has helped make our lives better in many ways, but it also has in some ways, made us a little bit farther apart. Could it be possible that another civilization has lived through the same things we are going through now and offer advice and guidance?

I guess the questions could continue for a long time, but I would also like to believe that our thoughts and ideals could mirror another civilization and, in many ways, it could confirm our beliefs on many levels.

What if we have similar religious beliefs? What if we have the same thoughts on progress and democratic ideals? What if they are different? Couldn’t we learn from that as well?

I know most of this sounds ridiculous, but my belief is, to quote a famous television show the X-Files, “the truth is out there.”

I don’t believe in “little green men” but I’m also not so arrogant to ignore the possibility of another civilization being able to help us, and I think many would agree that we do need some help nowadays.

I want our problems solved on many levels and hope we can solve them on our own, but if it takes other “folks” to step in and show us the way I’m all for it.

If you see me say “Hey!”

Dee McLelland is Publisher of the Coastal Courier and Bryan County News.

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