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Yep, I have had enough...
Dee McLelland new

Yep, I’ve had enough.

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has been nothing short of a disaster. Why President Biden, in my opinion, the weakest President in the history of the United States, made such a decision is beyond common sense.

Yes, we don’t need to have our military men and women in all corners of the earth at all times, but the complete and instant takeover of the country by the Taliban is an instant sign that the decision was terrible. As a country, our attempt to bring freedom and democracy to other countries has been a total failure over the years. For those of you not up to date on history, look up Saigon.

So, why did we spend the last 20 years there to have things turn around so quickly? 

The answer is obvious, our President has no clue as to foreign policy nor does he or the Democratic party care about the protection of U.S. interests or our borders. The fact that we announced, that’s right announced, our withdrawal was a sign to our enemies and others wishing us harm to start planning for no good.

Do we not think that Afghanistan will become a haven for terrorists? Do we not think that the quick takeover by the Taliban will endanger not only the remaining U.S. citizens, but also those natives who worked with us during this time? The images of civilians hanging on to planes trying to take off should tell the story.

Don’t think for a second that this decision to withdraw was made over the last seven months. It was planned before the “election” was even concluded. If the Democrats won, this was on top of their list of things to do. Remember, our weakest military moments have come during the occupation of the White House by Democrats. It’s counter-productive thinking because most learned people understand that war means dollars for industry and other giant business behemoths.

I believe the White House has weakened our standing globally. I also believe we do not have a person in charge, or the people behind him, above him that give a rat’s butt about America. It will take many years to undo what has happened in the last seven months. The trillions in debt the U.S. is building up will eventually come back to our pockets. Believe it or not Democrats, you can’t just keep printing money without the bill coming due.

Of course, the master plan has been to build up debt, build up dependency on the government, weaken our borders and also show even more dependency on outside countries for our way of life.

We have passed out trillions to those who will not work, yet we don’t have the funds to battle wildfires across our country. We have passed out trillions to those who will not work, nor care to find gainful employment, yet we watch locally owned businesses shut down.

We have passed out trillions, but the administration wants more. We have awarded the undeserving and penalized the ones doing what is decent and moral.

I’m sure this sounds like ranting, but as I mentioned in the first sentence, I’m fed up. We are seven short months into this debacle that is the Biden administration and I have no confidence it will get any better. I have full confidence it will only get worse.

Now we face another round of Covid-19 variants and more masks and closures are the answer from this administration. The fact that many of the variants have gained ground from within the non-vaccinated still seems to be kept out of the headlines and the White House hasn’t made a move to stem the tide.

Yep, I’m fed up.

If you see me, say “Hey!”

Dee McLelland is Publisher of the Coastal Courier and the Bryan County News.

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