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Fort Stewart open bowling tournament winners
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Fort Stewart open bowling tournament winners
MARNE Lanes at Fort Stewart held their open bowling tournament Feb. 16-17 and Feb. 23-24. The qualified winners received cash awards and championship jackets.
Team event winners:
First place: Priscilla Agosto, Yolinda German, Sheila Moore and Tony Davis, 2595
Second place: Jerry Dickey, Ken Hargrove, James Willis and Leron Johnson, 2505
Third place: Marelle and Sylvester Griffin, Sheila Williams and Charles Burgess, 2497
Doubles winners
First place: Bill Hudson, Richard Olson,     1361         
Second place: Sheila Moore, Priscilla Agosto, 1343
Third place: Ozzie Deloach, Mike Oglesby, 1311  
Singles winners
First place: Ivey Sarvis, 713
Second place: Tony Davis, 707
Third place: Robert Haile, 681
Fourth place: Daisy Woodard, 675
Fifth place: Sheila Moore, 670
All events scratch
First place: Ivey Sarvis, 1786
Second place tie: Jerry Dickey, 1741 and Ken Hargrove, 1741
All events handicap
First place: Sheila Moore, 2054
Second place; Mike Oglesby, 2021
Third place: Andy Gose, 1997
Fourth place: Tabatha Marchard, 1970
Fifth place: Daisy Woodard, 1966
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