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I hate the NFL Draft
Sports Column

Now, before you get all worked up from the headline, let me say I am happy for all 253 college football players who are getting the opportunity to extend their football careers playing in the NFL. From the No. 1 pick to Mr. Irrelevant, I wish you all nothing but the best moving forward.

But just because I’m happy for the players does not mean I enjoyed the grueling 8-10 weeks the sports media spends predicting where these players end up.

From the moment the National Championship game concludes in January, players have to decide whether they stay in college another year, if they aren’t seniors, or go for the NFL. And once the Super Bowl is over (hey the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead, and no I will NEVER let Falcons fans forget), NFL teams find out where they will be drafting for the draft itself.

That’s when the frenzy begins.

NFL teams begin scouting players and NFL analysts get to run their mouths and make six or 80 mock draft predictions about where a player is going to land. Honestly, who cares?

I know I don’t. It seems appealing at first during weeks 1 and 2 because like everyone, you’re genuinely interested to see who teams are eyeing. But a month later, when all sports platforms continue to talk about who is going to get drafted, it just gets repetitive.

The mock drafts do absolutely nothing for me, because it just shows that people love to overthink a player’s worth to an organization. Thanks to advanced stats and analytics, nobody wants to pick a player based on his overall talent.

“Quarterback 1 had a great year and led his team to a national championship, but quarterback 2’s stats looked tremendous and may be a better fit in the NFL and I think because of the analytics….”

Blah, blah, blah. Just watch the tape and make a decision. Can the kid play? How does he lead his team? Why are people second guessing this?

And then we get to the draft itself.

Honestly if you watch all three days, seven rounds, and 253 picks, you have no life. As comedian Bill Burr said about the draft a few years ago, “That’s like going to a graduation ceremony where you don’t know anyone who’s graduating.”

I watched the first day of the draft, which is only the first round, and I could get through only half of it. First off, each team in the first round was given 10 minutes to make a selection. Really? You have, at max, three months to figure out what you need and who to evaluate, and you still need more time to choose? Then a team could end up drafting someone they never originally planned on getting in the first place.

That shows that everything leading up to the draft from mock draft selections and the hours upon hours people spend predicting where someone will go, is a waste of everyone’s time.

I got through the first half of Day 1 then I changed the channel. I stayed updated with the draft throughout the weekend like most people who have better things to do than actually watch the draft; through sports apps on my phone and online draft lists.

I’m just glad the draft is over. It’s just filler until actual football is back on TV, and we still have another three months before the NFL preseason. Until then, NFL teams can prepare their draft picks, NFL analysts can shut their mouths, and we can enjoy the sports that are actually playing, like the NBA Playoffs and the MLB regular season.

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