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Jake Blitz Aug. 12
Eddie Carr
Eddie Carr chips onto the 14th green during a recent Jake Blitz at Cherokee Rose County Club. Carr is the two-time defending Men’s Club Champion and was medalist with a 72 during the Sunday Blitz on August 9th. Photo by Dee McLelland

Results from the Cherokee Rose Country Club Jake Blitz  is held every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  Sign up times end at 8:30 am on Wednesday and Saturday with start time at 9:00 am. Sign up time ends at 12:30 pm on Sunday with start at 1:00 pm. Golfers are paired into groups and are on a points system. Course members and the public are invited to play. For more information contact Cherokee Rose Country Club at (912) 876-5503.

Wednesday, Aug 5: 29 Golfers

Medalist – Darrell Ballance, 

Daryl Chandler, Dwayne Rye, 

Vern Cook (All 74) 

Front Nine – Barb Connors +6

Back Nine – Jim Nish, 

Malio Tauave (Both +3)

Overall – Barb Connors +6

Par Threes – Daryl Chandler, 

Dwayne Rye, Michael Sanders, 

Steven Moore

Saturday, Aug 8: 37 Golfers 

Medalist – Patrick Edwards 65

Front Nine – Jim Nisch, 

Patrick Edwards, Wade Hugo 

(All +5) 

Back Nine – Julian Hodges +4

Overall – Patrick Edwards, 

Wade Hugo (Both +8)

Par Threes – Arthur Stewart, 

Bob Puckett, Jim Nisch, 

Julian Hodges

 Sunday, Aug 9: 13 Golfers

Medalist – Eddie Carr 72

Front Nine – Gail Poulson 

+5 1/2

Back Nine – Eddie Carr, 

Ronnie Brown (Both +2 ½) 

Overall – Gail Poulson +5  

Par Threes – Eddie Carr, 

Josh Olson, Roger Olson, 

Tammy Ballance 

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