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LCRD baseball, softball and state track results
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Liberty County Recreation Department baseball, softball and track results:

Baseball and softball
May 7
Girls senior softball
Diamonds 1, Wayne County team two 4
Leading hitter Diamonds
Cassie Standard 2B
Leading hitter Wayne 2
Hali Williams 1B, 1B
Pitching for the Diamonds was Cassie Standard for 5, 8 strikeouts
Pitching for Wayne County taking the win was Chasity Harvey in 5, 12 strikeouts.

Blue Jays 5, Heartbreakers 2
Leading hitters Blue Jays
Chantel Breeden 3B, 2B
Kelly Moore 2B, 1B
Teniqua Grimsley 1B, 1B
Leading hitters Heartbreakers
Suede Jones 2B
Jasmine Cuevas 1B
Makia Baker 1B
Pitching for the Blue Jays was Chantel Breeden for the win in 6, with 11 strikeouts.
Pitching for the Heartbreakers was Danielle Durham.

May 8
Junior league
VVA 5, Hinesville Lodge 11
Leading hitters VVA
Christopher Rafferty 1-1
Drew Happ 1-1
Leading hitters Hinesville Lodge
Dylan Howard 2-2, 3B
Dustin Hawkins 2-2, 2B
Antonio Smith 1-2, 3B
Ryan Ramos 1-1
Pitching for VVA was DaBrent Nobles and Christopher Rafferty each for 3.
Pitching for the Lodge was Dylan Howard for 3 and the win and Adam Corwin for 1.

Midget league
Hinesville Builders Supply 4, Coastal EMC 2
Leading hitters for HBS
Tristan Goodro 1B
Jacob Lee (2), 2B
Matthew Lormis (2), 1B
Bradley Morris (no stats)
Leading hitters EMC
Jeremy Broadwater 1B
Pitching for HBS was Jacob Lee for 5.
Pitching for EMC was Jeremy Broadwater for 3.

VFW 10, Nacon 2
Leading hitters VFW
Richard Lovelady (2), 1B
Riley Jarrett (1), 3B
Wyatt Richey 1B
Leading hitter for Nacon
Paul Barefoot 1B
Pitching for VFW was James Moon for 4 and Kyle Lannom for 2.
Pitching for Nacon was Lamar Speight for 2 and Tevin Womack for 4.

Mite league
Lions Club 8, Coastal Oral Surgery 12
Leading hitters Lions Club
Ramon Manzano 3B
Evan Vaughn 2B, 3B
Ahmad Lewis 2B
Hunter Barwick 2B
Leading hitters Coastal Oral Surgey
Chrsitopher Grant 2B, 1B
Hunter Miller 3B
Cameron Stoyle 3B

Attorney Robert Pirkle 9, Interstate Paper 4
Leading hitters for Pirkle
Dominc Jones 1B
Christopher Hall (3), 1B
John-Michael Monroe (2), 1B
Demmentrice Jefferson HR
Leading hitters Interstate
Darrius Tilghman HR
Michael Deliberti 2B

Georgia Power 4, American Legion 9
Leading hitters Georgia Power
Colby Rhea 3B
Isiah Garrido HR
Leading hitters American Legion
Evan Crystal 2 B
Christopher Bell 2B
Camden Geregory 1B

Athletics 2, Braves 12
Leading hitters Athletics
Jayson Tapely HR
Justin Carryl 2B
Leading hitters Braves
Jordan Gilliard (2) HR
Khaliq Bailey (2) HR
Cecil Battle 3B

Mariners 2, Dodgers 10
Leading hitter
Julice Sams 2B
Leading hitters Matthew Miller HR
Hunter Wilson HR

Girls senior softball
Wildcats 9, Reds 4
Leading hitters Wildcats
Courtney Neely 2B
Catherine Scaggs HR
Leading hitter Reds
Shanequia Brenson 2B, 2B
Pitching for the Wildcats was Catherine Scaggs for the win in 5.
Pitching for the Reds was Jordan Struble for 3 and Barbara Rego for 2.

Ravens 7, Belles 3
Leading hitters Ravens
Miranda Taylor 1B, 1B
Brittany morris 2B
Leading hitters for the Belles
Cindy Bate 1B, 2B
Charlee Coursey 1B, 1B
Pitching for the Ravens was Karson Rogers for the win in 5 with 9 strikeouts.
Pitching for the Belles was Morgan Crowley for 5 with 6 strikeouts.

State track results
Class A meet in Augusta May 9-10
High jump first place
Markell McKee, 5’10” (boys, age 13-14)

High jump second place
Jordan Portley, 5’8” (boys, 13-14)
Tracie Campbell, 4’4” (girls, 11-12)

Standing long jump second place
Akeyla Richardson, 7’6” (girls, 11-12)
Tamaurio Jenkins, 5’ (boys, 7-8)

Shot put second place
Joseph Sanchez, 42’9” (boys, 13-14)
Brianne Gadson, 37’6” (girls, 13-14)

High jump third place
Ashley Jackson, 3’10” (girls, 9-10)
Davion Mitchell, 3’10” (boys, 9-10)
Shilo Davis Houck, 4’6” (girls, 13-14)

Running long jump third place
Duane Johnson (boys, 9-10)

Standing long jump third place
Rayshawn Samuels (boys, 11-12)

Relay teams third place winners
Girls 9-10 4X100 team
Boys 7-8 4X400 team
Girls 9-10 4X400 team

Standing long jump fourth place
Jamual Samuels, 6’7” (boys, 9-10)

Running long jump fourth place
Chris Fugua, 10’ (boys, 7-8)

High jump fourth place
Jeremiah Bacon, 4’10” (boys, 11-12)

Relay Teams Fourth Place
Girls 7-8 4x400 Team
Boys 9-10 4x400 Team
Boys 11-12 4x400 Team
Girls 13-14 4x400 Team
Boys 13-14 4x400 Team
Girls 11-12 4x100 Team
Jalisa Payne, 6’6” (girls, 11-12)

Standing long jump fifth place
Duane Johnson, 12’5” (boys, 9-10)
Markell Mckee, 7’10” (boys, 13-14)
Alexis Campbell, 7’ (girls 13-14)

Softball throw fifth place
Kayla Underwood, 63’7” (girls, 7-8)

Shot put fifth place
Darrin Houck, 23’7” (boy’s 9-10)

High jump fifth place
Mia Haney, 3’6” (girls 9-10)

Races fifth place
Tiffany Walker, 1:11.08, 400-meter (girls 9-10)
Ashley Jackson, 14.92, 100-meter (girls 9-10)
Tamaurio Jenkins, 3:02.59 (boys 7-8)
Jazmynne Powell, 2:46.78 (girls 13-14)

Shot put sixth place
Alexander Demming, 31’7” (boys, 11-12)

Races sixth place
Jalisa Payne, 7:10, 1600-meter (girls 11-12)
Michael Burnett, 5:42 1600-meter (boys, 11-12)
Keagan John, 1:17.49, 400-meter (boys, 7-8)
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