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WWE rocks Savannah
Program included several title match-ups
During Saturday night’s World Wrestling Entertainment main event at the Savannah Civic Center, Jeff Hardy defeated Edge in a “no disqualification match.” - photo by Mike Riddle / Coastal Courier
The Savannah Civic Center got RAW Saturday night as stars from World Wrestling Entertainment kept the ground rocking and bodies slamming.
The wrestlers were from Extreme Championship Wrestling, RAW and the SMACKDOWN series. Scheduled matches included both men and women.
The main event for the night was a “no-disqualification match” between Jeff Hardy and Edge. Though the battle began in the ring, the majority of the contest took place outside of it and went from one end of the arena to the other.  Edge held the advantage throughout most of the match and even attempted to nail Hardy with a chair at one point. However Hardy finished off his opponent by using his trademark “Swanton Bomb,” which incapacitated Edge and earned Hardy the three-count.
Another match put the ECW championship on the line when title holder Mark Henry faced challenger Tommie Dreamer. Though Dreamer was out-weighed by 125 pounds, he held his own against the larger champion, and continued at a vicious pace through the match. In the end, however, the 380-pound champ, known in wrestling as the "World's Strongest Man," proved to be too much for Dreamer, and successfuly defended his title.
Another title-bout put the WWE U.S. championship on the line in a “triple-grudge-match” between Shelton Benjamin and Montel Vontavious Porter in the ring with champ Matt Hardy.  Early in the contest, Benjamin and MVP appeared intent on double-teaming the champ, guaranteeing that one of them would take home the belt. However, after Hardy threw Benjamin out of the ring, he put his trademark “Twist-of-Fate” move on MVP, and earned the three count.
The WWE tag-team championship also was up for grabs Saturday as Jessie and Festus challenged The Miz and John Morrison. Morrison pinned Jessie, and the champs kept their belts.
The ladies’ matches also were on the ticket, with a tag-team contest that pitted Victoria and Kelly Kelly against Cherry and Michele McCool.  The match was the only one on the program to end by a submission ruling as Cherry overpowered Victoria.
Other matches included Mr. Kennedy defeating Mike Knox; Finlay with Hornswoggle pinning Carlito, and The Great Khali defeating Val Venis.
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