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Best things: Reasons to enjoy BBQ
John Clarke - photo by Photo by Frenchi Jones
May is National Barbecue Month and this weekend, as we celebrate Memorial Day, undoubtedly plenty of people we’ll be grilling up their favorite meals. For this week’s Best Things the Courier asked a local barbecue connoisseur what are some of his Best Things about the smokin’ meal. John Clarke and his family are scheduled to open a barbecue restaurant in Hinesville this weekend.

Name: John Clarke
Born: Nov. 21, 1958.
I was born in Kingston, Jamaica.
I migrated to the U.S. in 1978 where I lived in New York, before moving to Georgia in 1995.
I am a retired postal worker.
My wife’s name is Charlene Clarke. I have two children, Jasmine and John lll.
Something interesting most people do not know about me is my compassion for other people.

1. Grilling and just cooking is a way to create memories. I have always loved to cook. Growing up in Jamaica, I can remember my father scolding me all the time for going in the kitchen at a very young age and whipping something up. I loved it then and I still love it now.

2. With barbecue there is always an opportunity for you to create a signature dish. After migrating to the United States, I decided one day to try my hand at barbecuing, I did  not want the same old style barbecue, so I decided to try something different. It was amazing how it turned out. Everyone loved it, so from that day I took a real interest in coining Clarke’s barbecue.
3. Being able to share a meal with others. Now, I am looking forward to one day having my own barbecue restaurant.

4. The variety. You can grill anything and do anything with what you grill. Just having the smoke flavor in the meats, and then the sauce. One can do so much with the sauces that are out there, or you can try and make it from scratch. My sauce is a combination of sauces, with a Jamaican twist. Not to brag too much, but it is finger licking good.

5. One thing I always tell people when it comes to barbecue, do not be afraid to experiment, you rarely can go wrong.
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