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Careful when you pump gas
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How embarrassing: To quote the Savannah Morning News from April 20, "When voters send their representatives to Atlanta, they expect their elected officials to earn their pay and do their jobs. Unfortunately, some representatives have a fuzzy concept of what they should be doing under the Gold Dome.  For instance, State Rep. Al Williams, Democrat from Midway, missed 86 contested roll-call votes in the House of Representatives.  Voters deserve someone who'll stand for something, not an empty chair.  Reliability is critical to any job performance.  A roofer who installed only three-quarters of the shingles required for a job probably would not get a recommendation from the homeowner.  A surgeon who sewed 75 percent of the stitches required to close an incision might lose his privileges.  A waiter who got only three out of four meals to the table wouldn't get much of a tip.  Everyone else is held to standards of professionalism.  So should lawmakers be.  Indeed, the first rule of doing the job is to show up." Mr. Williams, where were you during those 86 roll calls?

Pat attention to the pump:  According to an Associated Press story, when you begin to pump your gas and it seems to hesitate for a moment, anywhere from 2 to 6 cents tick off before the rush of gasoline starts.  Motorists across the nation have been noticing this and reporting it.  Correcting this problem depends on the alert, well-informed consumers.  Pay attention, not an overcharge.

Stamp reminder:  Don't forget that stamps will cost 42 cents beginning May 12.  

Tough sheriff:  I've gotten more than one e-mail about Arizona's famous Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.  He is known for making inmates wear pink underwear, assigning them to old-style chain gangs and serving them green bologna sandwiches.  His inmates have no color TVs and are treated like inmates should be treated.  Hey Joe, we need you in Liberty County.

State troopers changing plans:  Even our Georgia State Patrol officers are having to change their routine because of the gas crunch. They are being asked to conduct more road checks, sobriety check points, license check points and possibly operate laser and radar more often.  The public probably will not see a difference in their strategy because they are going to still be out there on rolling patrols, but maybe not for the entire eight-hour shifts.  At least they are doing their jobs.

Plant sale:  The Bamboo Farms will be having a plant sale tomorrow and Sunday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.  They will have ferns, coleus, herbs, etc.  The Master Gardner volunteers have been growing these plants to raise money for the pavallion fund.  Check it out.

People want change:  Perhaps you've already read all the names of those qualifying for the next election.  Five people are challenging our Sheriff.  That means people want a change.  I'm backing Linda Graham for commission chairman.  Linda was a good commissioner and she will be a great chairman.  And Mr. Boggs, I don't know you, but I will support you for commissioner in our district.  Our commissioner has let us down when it comes to cleaning up junk and hopefully you won't allow any more pigs in our community.  I urge each and every one of you to register to vote and get out there and do it.  We need to get rid of all these good ole boys.

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